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Beyond the Veil Subscription Box Card Meanings

October 12, 2021

Beyond the Veil Subscription Box Card Meanings

These Oracle cards are from the deck Seasons of the Witch: 

Samhain Oracle: Harness the Intuitive Power of the Year's Most Magical Night (Rockpool Oracle Card Series) by Lorriane Anderson and Juliet Diaz.  Link to purchase these. Linke to purchase here.

All Hallow's Eve- You are being reminded to tap into your own magick. Spirit communication will be at its peak on All Hallow's Eve. There is an ancestor and/or spirit guide trying to get a hold of you.  Use the Witching Hour candle to hear the message.

Altar-Create a sacred space to speak to your guides and deities.  And if you already have an altar set up, you are reminded to do more altar work, sit in quiet and hear the messages your guides have for you.

Ancestors-Your ancestors are always around you protecting you and guiding you.  Call upon them as needed, for support, for guidance, just to talk to them.  They are there and are listening.

Apples- Pause before making a decision.  You do not yet know all of the facts.  Wait for them to come to light.  This is a period of shedding away so allow those that are not meant to stay in your life to leave. 

Banshee-You are going through an ending in your life, a metaphorical death.  Mourn the loss.  You will get past this.

Bat-Trust your intuition.  It will lead you out of even the darkest times.  It is time to do shadow work, go within, dig deep and see both the shadow and the light.

Black Cat-It is time to take a step back from the busy thoughts, the everyday errands and reconnect with you.  It is time to for self-care and rest.

Broom-Energetically cleanse yourself and your home.  There is stagnant energy that needs to be cleared.  You will have a lot of clarity and will feel renewed afterwards.

Candle Magic-Your intentions and prayers have been heard by the Universe, and you will see the results soon.

Cauldron-The card of the cauldron means there are more than one path to what you are trying to manifest.  Many things are shifting in your life right now.  What do you want?  Be open to hear intuitively how to get there, and be open to the multiple steps to get there.  Be patient.  It will happen.

Coming of Winter-It is time to rest.  You have been overdoing it and going nonstop.  Your tasks will be there after you rest, and you will still meet your goals.  The rest is essential.  

Crystals and Herbs- It is time to create a deeper connection to Earth. Do grounding mediations and feel yourself connect to the Earth's grids.

Dark Moon-It is time to embark on a new chapter. You have let a lot go, you have released, you have healed. What do you want this next chapter to look like?  Be specific.  Manifest.

Divination- You have a strong intuition.  You are being called to implement more divination work into your daily routine to hear the messages from your guides and Source and grow your intuition even more.  It can be as simple as pulling a card a day.

Elders-  Your elders and ancestors have messages for you.  Take some time during this dark part of the year to hear the messages from your ancestors and the living elders in your life.  They are there to support you and have wisdom to share with you.

Elements- Any heaviness you are experiencing right now is temporary, but it is here to teach you something.  What is it trying to teach you?  Sit with it a moment, release ,and then connect to peace and stillness.

Frog- You are transforming into a new version of you.  Don't worry.  It will be peaceful.  Looking back you will see the massive shifts happening right now.  There will be a lot of mindset shifts.

Graveyard- You have gone through a lot of release the last couple of years.  Not all of it has been easy.  You are getting ready to move past it mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Greet the Darkness- During the dark part of the year is the perfect time for shadow work, dive deep.  You will find your balance, you will find your answers to questions you have.  You will also find a lot of power.  Embrace your light and shadow side.

Grief- It is time to release a lot of your grief.  Releasing a lot of that heartache will help you live in the moment, and you will be able to see the support around you and the hope for the future.

Haunted- There is a part of your past you need to confront.  You have tried to push it away, but it's time to confront it within yourself.  Heal, acknowledge, forgive, whatever it is, it's time.

Healer- You are a natural healer.  Whether you have tapped into these abilities or not, this is a confirmation that a healer is who you are.  It doesn't mean you have to be a spiritual healer.  Even being there for family or those close to you, if they feel safe and supported in your company, that is the way you heal.

Intuition- You are being called to develop and finetune your intuitive abilities.  It will help you in all areas of your life.

Journey- Enjoy the journey, the good, the bad, the lessons, the magick, the insight.

Mischief- If you are having trouble manifesting something in your life, meditate, contemplate, and be open to see different solutions to get your desired result.  

Nature Spirits- You are being called to work with elemental spirits.  They have always been around you, and during this Samhain season, it will be easier to connect.  Nature spirits can be the fae, connecting to grids and magick of the earth, etc.

Owl- You have a lot of ancient wisdom and knowledge, more than the average person.  Expect deeper insight and messages during this time.

Potions and spells- This card is recommending to take your craft a bit deeper.  If you are a beginner, educate, read books, learn the craft.  If you are an advanced practitioner, push the limits of your magick.  Go deeper.

Protection- You and your loved ones are protected fiercely by your guides, ancestors and protectors.  You are loved, guarded, and heavily protected.

Pumpkin- You are very blessed.  Expect more good fortune and blessings coming your way in the coming months.  You are also very protected, and your blessings will be protected.

Rebirth- You have gone through a transformational journey for the last 2 years.  Your rebirth is happening.  You are emerging from the cocoon.  Embrace this new energy.  You have arrived!

Reflection- It is time to take a deep look at your present state.  Your future goals and dreams depend on the actions today.  What actions do you need to altar and change to reach those goals?

Ritual-  It is time to deepen your craft.  You will get a series of downloads that will help you go deeper.  Delve into divination, explore different realms.  

Rooted- Whatever you are currently going through, remember you can get through anything.  You have before and you will again.  Work on grounding, root chakra work, breath work.

Seduction- Your personal power is growing and so is your personal magnetism.  Your voice will be heard.  People will be more engaged with your words.  Use this new power wisely.

Silence- Life is busy.  It is time to find that stillness within.  There are many messages waiting for you to hear.  Take the time to them.

Spider- Don't overthink what you are manifesting.  Give your goals, spells, manifestations time to happen.  Don't doubt the process.  Be patient.

Third Harvest-  Focus on the abundance around you, everything good that has happened in the last year, the abundance, your wins, your level ups.  It will shift your energy even more to bring more of the wins next year.

Transformation- You are transforming a huge way.  Things in your life will start changing very quickly. Expect quicker manifestations next year.

The Underworld- You have gone through so much shadow work.  Take some time to reflect what you have learned, what you discovered about yourself, situations, etc.

The Veil-  The veil will be lifted in many situations in your life.  You will receive clarity, have epiphanies, breakthrough.

Voices- Your connection to Spirit is increasing.  Listen for the messages they have for you.  The messages are everywhere.

Witch- You will be getting downloads from your lifetimes as a witch. This card is recommending to take your craft a bit deeper.  If you are a beginner, educate, read books, learn the craft.  If you are an advanced practitioner, push the limits of your magick.  Go deeper.

Wolf-  Follow your instinct, follow your inner guidance.  Take some time to sit in silence, meditate, and ask your natural intuition to deepen.  This intuition will guide you and give you clarity to any questions you have.