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Blessed Imbolc

February 02, 2022

Blessed Imbolc

Blessed Imbolc from Lunam Love! This Sabbat is traditionally celebrated starting February 1st (starting at sundown) and into the 2nd and marks the midpoint between winter and spring. It is also known as Candlemas, Brigid’s Day and Imbolg, with many traditions focusing on fire, light, and preparing for spring to return to the land. This post will talk about who it honors, activities you can do during this holiday, correspondences and will also include a simple spell you can do at home to welcome in the Imbolc energies!

Imbolc traditionally honors the goddess Brigid, a Celtic triple goddess of smithcraft, the hearth, and inspiration. She is also associated with healing (including healers and midwives) and was connected to sacred springs and wells that were said to have healing energies. As a result Brigid was called upon for protection during childbirth. 

Imbolc Activities: 


Burning greenery from Yuletide is traditional, as well as cleaning your home. Old Brigid's Crosses can also be burned at this time to make room for new ones. 

For more information about Brigid’s Crosses, you can check out this article:


Spiritual Awakening/Reflection 

Divination, meditation, or simply having a moment to connect with your spirit team is common at this time. Since we are still in the winter months and spring has yet to return, we are still in a period of introspection. It’s also a good time for dedicating or rededicating to your spiritual practice, as well as deities and spirits that you work with. 


This is a good time to dedicate new ritual tools (this also includes divination tools). This is also a good time to bless new projects (witchy and non witchy), especially ones of a creative nature. You can also do blessings over animals at this time. 

An Imbolc Spell:

This spell is a modified version of a spell found in Ellen Dugan’s Seasons of Witchery. You will need:

9 candles (we recommend white ones, and any size will do including tealights)

Your preferred ritual oils for purification and blessings (if you’re working with Lunam Love, we recommend our Vortex ritual oil and Good Fortune, although any that have to do with abundance, blessings and fire energy will also work)

A representation of Brigid (such as a picture or cauldron)

A lighter or matches 

A safe surface or altar to set up on 

Arrange the candles in a circle and place the representation of the goddess in the center of the circle. Dress the candles with the oils while focusing on the blessings that you want to receive as well as the energies of this Sabbat. Then begin to light the candles, starting with the one right above the representation of Brigid, and continue to light them all, going in a clockwise manner. Once they are all burning, you can repeat this verse:

These nine candles do illuminate this 

Imbolc night

May Brigid bring inspiration and joy

To my life.

Just as those nine priestesses once

Tended your flame

Triple Brigid, bless me now as I call

Your name. 

Bride, Brigit, and Brid—all of these 

Sacred names and more

Please bring warmth, enlightenment,

And healing to my door.

By light and magick, this spell is spun

For the of all, with harm to none.

Brigid is come!

Brigid is welcome!

Let the candles burn out in a safe place until they burn out on their own. Save the representation of Brigid for future workings. 

This is a simple spell set up, but you can add other items that correspond to the energies of Imbolc to the altar. You can also substitute one of the candles for a Lunam Love candle and place it at the top of the circle of candles surrounding the representation of Brigid. 

Here are some correspondences for Imbolc to help inspire you:

Colors: red, white, pink, yellow, light green 

Herbs: angelica, basil, blackberry, cinnamon, grain, wormwood, cedar, rowan

Crystals: amethyst, turquoise 

Animals/Creatures: cow, sheep, snake, groundhog, dragon 

Symbols: Brigid’s Cross, corn dollies, Brigid’s bed, cauldron, broom