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Earth Healing Meditation

April 01, 2020

Earth Healing Meditation

Next Group Meditation: Friday, April 3rd, 7 pm PST

Participate in whichever meditation you feel drawn to do, this Earth Healing Meditation or the Heart Space Meditation


I will be holding space for everyone and also channeling the energy I speak about later on in this email.  I will channel it to each one of you as well so it amplifies your own energy.  This energy is coming from an energy source I recently discovered.  My goal was to keep this email as simple to follow as possible. I have put the intention of letting everyone be access this energy for the purposes of this meditation, and no advanced energy channeling knowledge is needed since I will be holding space for all of us.


Sit in a comfortable place where you won’t be distracted, light candles, incense, dim the lights, whatever helps you feel relaxed.  Before beginning the meditation, protect the room you are in.  Envision the room being protected in a sphere of protection.  You can also call in your guides to protect you or light a protection candle.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Let your vibration raise, envision yourself in the galaxy, in the cosmos. Take a few minutes here or as long as you need and feel the peace, stillness, and magick of the Universe.  Connect with the energy and beauty of this realm.  Let it flow through your mind and all chakras.


When you are ready, envision seeing the Earth.  From a high vibrational energy source, envision a beautiful white-colored energy flowing from the highest plane of energy you can envision and see it flowing from the heavens to earth.  See the entire planet being surrounded by this energy.  It is a healing and loving energy.  It will help heal the planet.  If you get tempted to send energy to specific people or go within Earth, refrain from doing so.  Only send it to the planet as a whole.  *This was a very specific instruction when first channeling this energy.

Channel this energy as long as you feel guided to do.  When you are finished, thank the Universe for this session, and open your eyes when you are ready.


Send this particular energy as often as you feel drawn to do so.


*For those that have trouble staying in meditation, put your hands in prayer position in front of your heart chakra, take a few deep breaths, and focus on the space between your palms or the energy between the middle fingers.


I suggest playing this tracking while doing the meditation. 



Thank you for joining!  Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram with anything interesting you want to share.