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Full Moon in Aquarius August 2022

August 10, 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius August 2022

The August full moon will be taking place on Thursday, August 11. Known by several names including the Sturgeon Moon, Harvest Moon, and Corn Moon, this specific full moon will be taking place in the sign of Aquarius. This full moon is also taking place during the beginning of the harvest season which began with the celebration of Lammas.While full moons are always a powerful time for manifestation, this is truly a powerful time for manifesting abundance and prosperity for ourselves and for creating major changes in the right direction for our lives. 



With this moon’s current placement in Aquarius there will be a greater need and acceptance of

emotional freedom and adventure, which can open up opportunities for emotional connections, exploration, and of course, collaborations. If you have been trying to draw in more money, business growth, or financial stability, consider new ways of approaching these needs and opening up to opportunities to work with and accept help from others. This is also a good time to break through creative blocks if that has been an issue for you. 

Current retrogrades with this full moon:

Jupiter in Aries:

As the planet of expansion, Jupiter in retrograde will help you learn about the obstacles that stand in between you and your goals (especially in the realm of finance). What habits or connections need to change or be done away with altogether? On the other side of this coin, what habits and connections need to be reconnected and made stronger? This is a good time to revisit these areas. 

Neptune in Pisces:

This dreamy and very spiritual retrograde can help us break through a lot of illusions and tap into the spiritual and psychic sides of ourselves. It can bring a sense of clarity that has eluded us for a very long time and also presents an opportunity for healing, including healing around issues with self worth and for this full moon, blockages around abundance and success. 

Pluto in Capricorn:

Pluto is the planet of transformation and has a strong generational influence. It is death and rebirth. Its influence spans across a large portion of the year, allowing us time to adjust to its influence and work with its energies. With this full moon, you can work with Pluto’s energies to assess how far you have come, what your journey has been like so far, and perhaps even take a moment to look at how the world around you has changed and what you can do to assist it. 

Saturn in Aquarius:

As the planet of structure and discipline, this retrograde calls us out on where we fall short. Its lessons can be harsh but it can also be transformative for our lives, especially in the areas where boundaries need to be created or maintained. With this full moon, think about what needs to be restructured in order for you to manifest what you want. Where do you need to be more disciplined? What do you need to learn in order to support yourself on the path that you are on? 

Chiron in Aries:

Although not a planet, this retrograde is still a significant one especially in terms of healing. This asteroid (or planetoid) is named after Chiron the Centaur, who was known as the wounded healer in Greek mythology. Chiron in retrograde can teach us during this full moon to acknowledge our hurts and limiting beliefs, not ignore them or even hate them, but to accept them as part of who we are. Accepting doesn’t mean that we will not be able to change or heal them, it allows us to be more caring and supportive of ourselves while we do our healing and manifestation workings.