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Heart Space World Healing Meditation

March 26, 2020

Heart Space World Healing Meditation

Heart Space World Healing Meditation


          I have been meditating on the situation at hand and have been taking some time to let Source show me which meditation is needed to help the collective, both Earth and everyone in it.  As all of you know, fear, scarcity, uncertainty, anxiety, etc. are predominant emotions around the world right now and many people are sick.  Fear breeds more heaviness and brings more harm to the situation.  The Earth is healing from this stall in human contact, but humans are suffering.  What is the opposite of all this?  Love, compassion, empathy, connection. 

I have been drawn to lead a meditation from my heart space, that all of us can connect with our hearts and send healing to the Earth and everyone in it.  I will be holding space and protection for everyone. 

Thank you for joining!


Set up a comfortable area for yourself for the meditation.  Whether it is sitting down by your altar, in your favorite chair, outside in your yard, etc.  Just make sure your surroundings make you feel at peace and calm and that you will have minimal distractions.  Light any candle or incense you are drawn to.  I personally will be lighting a protection candle and love energy candle.


*You can also call in your guides at this time to assist with the meditation.


Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Envision a sphere of iridescent energy around you, protecting you from any outside energy.  Place both your hands on your chest over your heart chakra.  Breathe deeply and connect with your heart space.  Envision a pink or green energy in the center of your chest.  With each breath, see the glowing energy expand.  Let that energy fill your entire being.  Let yourself experience the loving energy.  Feel it relax you and ease your worries and busy thoughts.


Envision the glowing, loving energy fill the room you are in.  Let it flow to every corner of the room, and gently let that energy expand to every room of your home, your property or wherever you are at.  Envision that energy flowing through your neighborhood.  While it is flowing, it is dissipating all fear, all anxiousness, worries, etc.  Love is a powerful energy.

Envision the energy flowing through cities nearby, your entire state, across the country, every continent, the ocean until it is surrounding the whole world in a pink or green glowing energy.  Sit with this high-vibrational energy and set the intention of letting it flow as long as it is needed.

When you feel you should come back, start to bring attention to your eyes, your attention to the room you are in.  And when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and return.

If you called in any guides, thank them at this time.


*For those that have trouble staying in meditation, put your hands in prayer position in front of your heart chakra, take a few deep breaths, and focus on the space between your palms or the energy between the middle fingers.


I recommend any of these tracks to listen to during the meditation.

Meditation Track 1 

Meditation Track 2

Meditation Track 3

If you have any questions or would like to share what you experienced, email me at kelly@lunamlove.com or DM me at IG: lunam_love.