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IG Mini Live Sale - Spray Descriptions

August 20, 2022

IG Mini Live Sale - Spray Descriptions

Auric Shield Spray

This spray looks like the Oracle body oil because it has the energy of the Oracle, but in fact, this is our new Auric Shield Spray. The intention of this freshly scented spray is protection. However, this is not your average protection spray. Auric Shield will heal your aura of any holes that are present! This spray shields you by providing complex and multi-level protection. It will help protect you, while at the same time, it will help you protect yourself

How does it do this? Auric Shield achieves this by helping you with your vision, with your logic, it will help you not put yourself in harm’s way. Most importantly, it will help you to not be influenced by anyone whose true intentions are to harm you, or even situations that are not in your best interest. Your intuition will kick in and will let you know that something is not right. You will follow your gut and be protected while doing so!

Auric Shield will help raise your vibration, it will help you ward off any evil eye or bad vibes directed toward you. These bad intentions will slide off of your aura because you will be vibrating at such a high frequency. 

You can use Auric Shield with any of our body oils. You can also spray this in your home; on doorways, the entrance of your home, the back door, etc. This will help form a shield around your home. You can spray it on yourself before bed so you can be protected from bad dreams and any stress that you are releasing while sleeping. You can also spray it on your bed, and all over your room to help you get a restful sleep.

Auric Shield is one of those essential products you want to carry around with you and use throughout the day; from the moment you step out of your home, to that moment when you are ready to rest and release. 

Scent: Rosemary & Eucalyptus

Spirit Guide Spray

The Spirit Guide is the spray version of the Spirit Guide candle which we released with our Psychic Subscription Box!! This spray is amazing to use before meditation, spiritual work, readings, etc. It helps clear your third eye, the pineal gland, the crown chakra, and even your sinuses! It helps you connect to your guides and clears anything up that might be hindering that connection. 

You can use Spirit Guide before or even after sessions. You can also intensify the potency of Spirit Guide by using it with the Oracle body oil (which was also released in our Psychic Subscription Box!), or with our High Priestess body oil. As with the Auric Shield Spray, you can also use the Spirit Guide Spray before bed, and spray it on yourself, on your pillow/bed, around your room, etc. You can even combine both the Spirit Guide and Auric Shield sprays to feel calm and relaxed. 

Scent: Nag Champa

Sugar Baby Spray

The Sugar Baby Spray goes hand in hand with the Universe is My Sugar Daddy candle, although, the spray does not have to be used with the candle. Sugar Baby makes you feel like its name, a Sugar Baby. It helps you get into that spoiled energy so that you can get what you want. From a healing standpoint, it helps you be open to receiving. 

Just like the body oil version, this spray does have real money floating in the bottle along with crystals that support the intention of the spray. 

You can begin your day in such a magical way using Sugar Baby in combination with many other body oils from our line. You can use it with Luxurious Life, Millionaire Mindset, Money Magnet, or Shatter the Ceilings, and finish it off by spraying Sugar Baby over your aura. You can continue spraying yourself throughout the day as you feel called to. 

Sugar Baby can also be used in your room or throughout your home. This will create a very happy, comforting, and inviting energy in your home. We cannot forget that our homes need love too!!! The spaces we spend most of our time in, like the home and the office need to feel that shift in energy just like we do as well. 

Scent: Lotus & Lemon Verbena

Luxurious Life Spray

The Luxurious Life Spray is perfect to spray around your home, especially if you are doing manifestation work to step into that luxurious lifestyle. You can use Luxurious Life in combination with Sugar Baby, Millionaire Mindset, Money Magnet, etc. Luxurious Life can be used if you are stepping into a new chapter, spray it around your home or use it in ritual to welcome that new chapter; you can use it along with road opening to make sure doors remain open for you.

This is a great spray to use for money spells, manifestation work, and/or ritual work. You can spray your vision board if you have one, you can spray your wealth corner (farthest left-hand corner from the door of your home), or your wealth altar (especially any wealth deities that you work with). 

Luxurious Life can be used right before bed so you can have good dreams. If you do any manifestation work before bed, this is the spray for you. If you do not do manifestation work before bed, I highly recommend it! You can hold your crystals and start envisioning the life that you are manifesting. Envision your goals, what you are quantum leaping into, etc. 

888 Spray

The 888 Spray is completely new! I do believe I will turn this into a body oil and a candle in the future. As you know, the number 8 is a wealth number, and the 888 Spray has a lot of royal energy. This spray can be used for many different things.

888 is an embodiment of both my Queen and King lines. It connects to that luxurious life and has a lot of incarnation and embodiment energy. 888 will help you embody that royal energy! 888 will help you with living that royal life, but knowing that royalty is your birthright. This spray connects you to living a soul-led life.

While making this spray, I actually felt an activation within my sacral and root chakra. So for those of you who are ready for activations and get those frequently, know that you will be receiving more activations. 888 does heal the root and the sacral chakra, so I really recommend using this spray before doing any ritual work. You should note that you can technically spray this on yourself throughout the day, like any of our other sprays. However, if you want to use 888 in its full power, it should be used before ritual work & meditation, before manifestation work, before bedtime, etc. By doing so, you will allow the embodiment, the activation, and the healing to take place!! 

The 888 Spray is that richness in life spray; it will help you achieve richness in spirit, richness in happiness, richness in wealth, richness in enjoying life, etc. 

The smell is very decadent and very regal. It smells like a yummy dessert you want to eat.

Scent: Chocolate & Cherries