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Live Sale #27 Item Descriptions

July 28, 2022

Live Sale #27 Item Descriptions

Dominatrix Anointing Oil

This sexy oil can be used by those who like bondage and those who like to dominate. It is connected to Pan, who showed me all the elements that needed to be included in this masterpiece. Pan is a trickster god and in this oil, he brings the energy of letting go, having fun, and being free. Imagine being in an enchanted forest, drunk, and having so much fun dancing around in the woods. That is the energy that Pan brings into this oil. 

This oil can be used to gain the respect that you want from others. People will not want to cross you, but if they do, they will get punished (maybe in a sexy way). Use this on those individuals who have not yet stepped into their King energy, to help take down the patriarchy and make them suffer, make them beg for your forgiveness because you are the master. You will step into the boss kind of energy where others do not want to cross you. 

The crystal that is included in this oil is a Jet crystal. This crystal helps others feel safe in your energy, and trust you in taking the lead. This could be in a sexy and/or loving way where someone trusts you to be in that dominatrix energy and wants you to dominate them, to tame them. You can also use this oil to step into that free-spirited energy that you may be too shy to step into. 

Manifestation actually involves domination energy. When manifesting, you are commanding the energy, you are commanding respect. You can basically tell the universe, I need this, and I need this now! 

This is an amazing oil with a super sexy vibe! It comes in a smaller bottle than our regular body oils so that you can carry this around with you discretely. Dominatrix will be your secret weapon! This is your, I am here, I have arrived, and I will dominate oil! Demand the respect you deserve from those around you! 

This oil can be used to do spells, dress candles, and put on your pulse points, and the best part is that you only need a little bit, just a few drops. You can even use Dominatrix with our Calm & Ground candle. Imagine commanding the energy in your home, commanding your family to Calm the Eff Down! With this energy that we have been having lately, this is a perfect combination. The possibilities are endless with Dominatrix!

Scent profile: Violet, Leather, Brandy

Crystals: Jet, Garnet

Suggested Mixes: Fire of Love, Lunam Love, I Have Arrived

King of Fire Body Oil

This amazing oil can be used by anyone! It embodies the best energy of King of Fire, but it is so much more than that. Just like ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’, this oil has a very strong energy that helps empower other men to be Kings as well. The energy of those wearing King of Fire will definitely inspire those around them.

This oil brings forth a healed King of Fire who knows who he is, he is the King of Kings and he will inspire you to be a King too!! It helps you feel comfortable in your masculine energy. King of Fire will help in healing the patriarchy! A King does not have to be nasty to women to show who he is, or to show his power. 

If you need to heal your masculine energy, wear this before going to sleep. Many of us know toxic men who act in a very nasty way to try to make themselves feel like they are bigger. This oil will help act as a heart healer and repair the masculine. Once the King of Fire energy is tapped into, it will allow you to be the Goddess and the Queen!! You would be equal to the King and will not be put down! 

If you have been hurt by the masculine, you can put this oil on and cry with intention. Releasing while wearing this oil will make you feel held and protected. You can start doing timeline healing and generational healing with King of Fire! This oil is perfect for those with masculine issues or even with daddy issues which made them feel like they were not good enough and caused them to turn into a mean person. It is perfect for those with spouses or fathers who are angry and who put others down and make them feel little. Help that King heal and turn into a supportive husband and a loving father! Rewrite the timeline for future generations! Step into the healed King of Kings energy!

The King of Fire is so regal, he knows who he is in this healed timeline!! 

This oil is so perfect to use on children. Put it on your children and raise healed Kings!!!

Scent profile: Brandy & Orange

Suggested Mixes: Inner Child Oil/Candle

Goddess Glow Face Mask

Goddess Glow connects to Aphrodite energy and helps bring out that youthful Goddess energy. 

It is made with rose clay and pink Brazilian clay, both of which are very soft clays. It contains a little bit of rose absolute essential oil. It also contains a few drops of the Sacred Feminine blend as well as Faerie Realm blend in it. 

This mask is recommended for the face. It will help balance your complexion and will also help with acne. All you need to do is add water, mix, and apply it to your face.

This face mask is produced with sensitivity in mind. If you are able to tolerate oils on your face, you can go ahead and mix some of our Lunam Love oils in there. 

Instead of using water for the base, you can also mix it with greek yogurt, goat milk yogurt, or even coconut milk yogurt. 

Crystals: Pink Opal

Alchemist of Time Anointing Oil

The Alchemist of Time recipe was 10 years in the making. We came out with our Alchemist of Time candles and now that many of you have seen firsthand how powerful they are, we are introducing the Alchemist of Time anointing oil. Perfect for those times when you cannot carry your candle around with you. 

The incantation that goes with this anointing oil is as follows:

“In this moment, I am the alchemist of time.

My perception of time changes as I need it and as I set intention to it. 

I am both the High Priestess and the Magician.

With each breath, I go deeper into the realm where time can bend to my will and where time stands still.”

The Alchemist of Time anointing oil can help you get into things, it will help you break free, it will open the doors for you, it will speed up time, or even slow down time should you need it. 

If you are a healer, you can benefit from using this oil as well. It will allow you to give your clients the most information and the most healing in the same amount of time.

For those who meditate, applying the oil before your meditation will allow you to have incredibly interesting meditations. 

The Alchemist of Time will help you be more productive and get more done in the same amount of time, but most importantly, without rushing! 

You can use this oil to help you Quantum Leap faster. You can also use this with Celestial Wealth and finally leave scarcity in the past as you will have the ability to enjoy your time since you won’t be a slave to it anymore. You will not find yourself always running out of time. 

You can even use Alchemist of Time to slow down time while you are on vacation!!! Be in the moment, and enjoy every minute of it.

Do you feel like you don’t get a good night’s rest? Wear Alchemist of Time so that time moves slowly as you sleep and you get that much-deserved rest!! Wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed!

To use, simply apply the oil to your pulse points and say the incantation as provided above. If for whatever reason you feel like time is going in the wrong direction, or is not going as fast/slow as you want it, re-apply the oil, say the incantation again, and set your intention as to which way you want time to go.

You can also use this oil on spells and to dress candles. As you apply it to your spell, set the intention on how long you want your spell to last. Use the oil on any of our Lunam Love candles so that the magick of the candle stays in your home for a longer period of time, sort of like a slow release. 

The possibilities are endless!!

Scent profile: Sweet Tea

Suggested mixes: Wealth, Quantum Leap, Celestial Wealth, Road Opening

Faerie Realm Candle

This candle is filled with florals, herbs, and fragrances that attract faeries. It is said that faeries can help your wishes come true.

Before lighting and working with the candle, this is something you can say to call them to you.
"I call the faeries of love and light and ask that.." then you can ask for the energy you are trying to bring into your life. End the invocation by thanking them humbly.

This candle boosts one's mood and fills you with a sense of wonder and joy.

It is filled with roses, vervain, thyme, eco glitter, notes of Violet, sandalwood among others.

These are made to aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs may be. They can be used for spells, rituals, as meditation candles, altar candles, etc.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Premium Coconut Wax
Natural Cotton Wick

Blend of essential oils, essence oils, herbs, and crystals