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Live Sale 30 Product Descriptions

October 06, 2022

Live Sale 30 Product Descriptions

999 Oil

Everything about this oil is for rebirth and ending cycles. If you are going through karmic cycles, this oil will help you break through them. Although you may be shielding yourself from those cycles with other oils such as protection oils, or even mercury retrograde oils, you still want to make sure that you are getting through these cycles and retrogrades and become a little bit more immune to them. 

If you have seen a lot of 999 it is a sign that you are ending a cycle. This equivalates to the world card in tarot wherein life is a series of cycles; it is a series of rebirths. So what comes after these cycles and rebirths? Your new beginning! So this oil will help you in every step of your rebirth cycle. You will be going through that life and death cycle in a very metaphorical and beautiful way; but overall and most importantly, in a very healing way. 

This oil is so amazing, in fact, you can actually use this on your face because it consists of coconut oil and blue tansy. It smells herbal in case you don’t know what blue tansy smells like, but it is not strong so you can definitely apply whatever you want on top. The color that blue tansy gives out is such a beautiful blue. 999 will also help you reduce inflammation at the site where you apply it. I recommend using this oil all over your body as blue tansy is incredibly soothing for the skin. 999 also includes a rose of Jericho which represents rebirth, as well as a chrysanthemum flower which will help you go into your destiny. Chrysanthemum connects to ancestors and those with similar missions and helps bring forth manifestation power. What this means is that 999 will also help you to step into your soul mission and your soul purpose. This is so important because a lot of times what stops us from going into that soul lead life are those cycles that are not ending, and 999 will help you go through them smoothly on an energetic and physical level. The crystals in 999 have a lot of meaning and connect to every single chakra, from the root to the crown. 

You can mix this oil with Vortex (although it is not necessary). The only reason why I am recommending this mix is that there could be a lot of energetic cycles which get stuck within the body/physical vessel. These can manifest in such ways as water retention, fat retention, etc. You will see pockets of energy within the chakras that need to be cleared because these will start manifesting in different ways (i.e. stomach aches). So 999 will help clear the energetic debris that results in a physical manifestation in your body.

999 helps in many different ways, so it is definitely one of our powerhouse oils. The symbol on the label is the Samsara knot which symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth. 

Scent profile: Herbal

Suggested mixes: Vortex, Shatter the Ceilings, I Am A Force, Heart Healing

The Star

The star candle is connected to the star card in tarot. The star candle will help lead us through the cycles we may be experiencing. It can help you go into your life path and your soul mission, become soul-led, and even increase your intuition. 

The star will help you go in the right direction and become divinely guided. This candle will help with the tower and let you know that you are building a new future no matter what may be happening at that moment. The star will help you move forward and will stop the shaking the tower brings about. The star will help you see and break those old cycles, and instead of going into a panic, it will help you see that this is just a tower, it will help you realize that a cycle is being broken, and everything will move forward in your favor. You can pair this candle with our 999 oil to help with trusting, letting go, and surrendering. With both of these products, you will be able to end the cycles, get out of the tower energy, and you will allow yourself to rebuild. This product along with 999 are both essential for new beginnings and rebirth. 

Scent profile: Jasmine

Suggested pairings: The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy