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Manifest Box - Making Magick Oracle Card Meanings

April 09, 2021

Manifest Box - Making Magick Oracle Card Meanings

This beautiful deck of oracle cards features mediaeval talismans, amulets, ancient symbols, alchemical glyphs, and priestess moon sigils. 

It is believed that talismans have magickal properties and amulet symbols date back to the 14th Century. When used they can attract love, success, victory, and protection. It is noted that these symbols were used to deflect evil and worn as jewelry, belts, and transcribed and placed in clothing pockets. The ancient symbols depicted in this specific deck are said to date back 2,000-5,000 years and were used in European countries at religious sites as they have a strong spiritual meaning. 

Used in ancient Egypt, alchemical glyphs in this oracle deck represent a strong esoteric connotation. Alchemy is the practice of using the elements, base metals, and astronomy to transform matter. Sigils are another form of symbolism that represent different desires we want to manifest. History tells us that the bearer of these symbols in any form as long as they believed in the power of the symbol would create magick. 




  1. WISHES COME TRUE -  This symbol is for having all your desires come to fruition. Use this symbol to achieve your goals very quickly. 
  2. TREE OF LIFE - This symbol connects to your higher self to aid you in making the right decisions. Use this symbol to focus on yourself, your truth, and your future. 
  3. HAPPY LOVE - This symbol aids in helping to see that joyful, stable, and loving relationships and friendships are worth fighting for.  Use this symbol to attract long-term connections.
  4. PROSPERITY - This symbol is for building a very successful business. Use this symbol to increase sales, draw in more financial opportunities, and attract more customers. 
  5. HEALING - This symbol represents good health and vitality. Use this symbol to aid in healing any physical, emotional, or mental conditions you need help with. 
  6. SELF-CONFIDENCE - This symbol is for removing anxious or negative thought patterns. Use this symbol to aid in reprogramming the mind to have lighter happier and more positive thoughts. 
  7. BREAKING BAD HABITS - This symbol empowers you to be true to yourself and comfortable with your choices. Use this symbol to focus on removing any outdated behaviors.
  8. SUCCESSFUL CAREER - This symbol appears when it's time to make some big changes toward more meaningful work. Use this symbol to manifest your dream job or career. 
  9. LOVE CHARM - This symbol is used to draw in your perfect partner. Use this symbol to manifest the love of your life. 
  10. PROTECTION - This symbol represents a powerful shield from any harm. Use this symbol to block negative energy, protect your home, and shield yourself and loved ones. 
  11. TRIPLE SPIRAL - This symbol represents birth, death, and reincarnation - the cycles of life. Use this symbol to learn the life lessons you came here to learn to take that knowledge with you to the other side. 
  12. LABYRINTH - This symbol represents the reason why we are here in this lifetime. Use this symbol to aid in an understanding of purpose to make peace with the past and move forward. 
  13. FAERY MAGICK - This symbol represents communication with the faeries and connects with nature. Use this symbol to aid in protecting your home and/or revealing herbal or natural cures that can help with health issues. 
  14. THE ELEMENTS - This symbol represents the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. Use this symbol to create boundaries to protect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 
  15. EARTH - This symbol represents strength, stability, and grounding energy. Use this symbol to harness the energy of the earth for reassurance during times of uncertainty. 
  16. AIR - This symbol represents communication, intellect, and psychic powers. Use this symbol to communicate psychically with others to resolve issues or discover someones true feelings. 
  17. FIRE - This symbol represents spirit, vitality, and passion. Use this symbol to remove blocks in the throat chakra by standing up for yourself and owning your power. 
  18. WATER - This symbol represents feelings, daydreams, and intuition. Use this symbol to heal the heart and release any suppressed emotions. 
  19. SPIRIT - This symbol blends all the four elements (water, earth, air, and fire). Use this symbol to connect with your spirit guides and receive guided messages. 
  20. SUN - This symbol represents the soul within the body, masculine and powerful warrior energy. Use this symbol to attract recognition and appreciation for all your talents and accomplishments. 
  21. STAR - This symbol represents many different things including enlightenment, creation, and manifesting material desires. Use this symbol for aiding in the activation of your higher consciousness, increasing intuition, compassion, and awareness. 
  22. PHILOSOPHER'S STONE - This symbol represents universal energies as it embodies all four elements, masculine and feminine, and mind, body, and spirit. Use this symbol for manifesting wishes and connecting to your higher self. 
  23. ABRACADABRA WITH WINGS - This symbol represents unexpected good luck and good fortune. Use this symbol to attract unexpected surprises in the best possible way. 
  24. GODDESS - This symbol represents three phase of the moon, waxing, waning, and the full moon. Use this symbol to harness comforting, healing, and nurturing goddess energy. 
  25. SAFE AND HAPPY TRAVEL - This symbol represents protection and creating powerful boundaries. Use this symbol as a sign to start planning your dream trip as it protects from theft, accidents, and illness. 
  26. TRINKA FIVEThis symbol represents the concept 'as above, so below', it aids in attracting abundance and prosperity. Use this symbol to manifest specific sums of money and explore the feeling of attaining wealth.
  27. THE FESTIVAL - This symbol represents getting in touch with the divine and deepening your connection to each other and tribal roots. Use this symbol to create an experience that connects thousands of souls together in harmony and happiness. 
  28. LITTLE LUXURIES - This symbol represents wealth, luxuries, and opulence. Use this symbol to explore any lack mentality that may block you from attaining wealth and luxury. 
  29. ONE ENCHANTED EVENING - This symbol represents joy, beauty, laughter and excitement. Use this symbol when hosting a gathering or big celebration as it aids in attracting happiness and having the very best time. 
  30. ACHIEVEMENT - This symbol represents recognition for your talents and hard work. Use this symbol to aid in attracting an award, accolade, or contract for everything you have accomplished. 
  31. ON TARGET - This symbol represents us focusing on our goals with awareness and intent. Use this symbol to aid in following your ideal life path and getting back on track if you have strayed from your original purpose. 
  32. TIME TO SHINE - This symbol represents dynamic energy and golden opportunities. Use this symbol to aid in confidence and putting yourself out there to achieve success. 
  33. PERSEVERANCE - This symbol represents resilience, strength, and patience. Use this symbol to call on your angels and guides for clarity into your current situation as it can aid in removing blocks. 
  34. INSIGHT - This symbol represents the third eye chakra. Use this symbol to call in spiritual guidance and activate psychic and intuitive abilities. 
  35. FELIX FELICITOUS - This symbol represents fantastic luck, opportunities, and experiences. Use this symbol to increase confidence, fearlessness, good fortune, easy resolutions, and infinite possibilities.  
  36. DRAGONFLY - This symbol represents transformation and renewal. Use this symbol to aid in becoming easily adaptable and open to changes that help transform your life in the best possible way.