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Summer Solstice

June 25, 2022

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice. Midsummer. Litha. No matter what you call it, this is the time of the year that marks the height of the sun’s power, the official beginning of summer and the start of Cancer season. This is a wonderful time to celebrate and honor the sun, as well as solar deities and elemental spirits. 

Magick wise, this is the most powerful time for sun magick. It’s also a powerful time for prosperity, healing, and protection workings (especially if you have a connection with solar energy and the element of fire).

Cancer’s influence also adds some potent lunar and water energy to this time of the year. This can lead to some powerful beach/sea magick, rituals, and a deeper connection with the element of water and its spirits and deities.

Midsummer Correspondences 


gold, yellow, green, blue 



love magick, aphrodisiac


healing, divination, unlocking  




love magick, fertility, divination, strong connection with Goddess energy 


purification, protection 


purification, prosperity, divination, strong connection with Sun God energy 




prosperity, protection 


protection, prosperity, love 


protection, prosperity 


love magick, lust 


prosperity, employment 


strength, fertility, prosperity, protection, strong connection to male deity energy 


protection, fertility, prosperity  


protection, purification, healing, prosperity, memory

Crystals: (All associated with the Sun) 


Prosperity, success, mental clarity, confidence 


Love, fidelity, fertility, success, courage, protection, vitality


Passion, courage, strength, protection (especially against fear, envy, and anger) 


Protection, prosperity, strength 


Vitality, happiness, courage, creativity, protection 

Tiger’s Eye 

Courage, strength, protection, prosperity, good fortune


honey bees, eagles, hawks, goldfinches, butterflies, dragonflies, lightning bugs 

Ritual (Spell): Summer Family Blessing 

This is a simple ritual to bless your home and the people and animals that live in it. This is best done with other people, but can be modified if you are doing this by yourself.

Items Needed: 

*Yellow flowers (which will represent the Sun)

*White flowers  (which will represent the Moon) 

*1 yellow candle (this can be any kind of candle, including a Lunam Love candle you feel connects the most to solar/fire energy)

*1 white candle  (this can be any kind of candle, including a Lunam Love candle you feel connects the most to lunar/water energy)

*Plate (for the candles)

*Bowl (for the flowers)


Gently pull apart the flowers and mix them together in the bowl. 

Carve the sun symbol on the yellow candle and the moon symbol on the white candle. You can also dress them with oils that connect to summer solstice and Cancer season energies. 

Light the candles, place your hand over the bowl of flower petals and focus on your intentions, on the blessings that you want your home and family to receive. 

Walk around your home and with the candles on the plate and your bowl of flowers. With intention, scatter the flower petals, taking care to focus on areas you feel need the most energy, such as doors or a room you consider to be the center of your home. 

Once you are done, place the candles on your altar and allow them to burn out. 

This can be done in silence or you can play your favorite music that is upbeat and/or incorporates sun or summer imagery. You can also make up a chant or prayer.


Sun and Moon, bless this home and all that live here

Sun and Moon, together we celebrate the Summer Solstice!

The Sun is at its peak and blesses us with health and prosperity,

And the Moon blesses us with protection and love.

Summer is here

And may we all be blessed

And enjoy this new season!


If you do not feel comfortable scattering flower petals in your home/space, you can always place them (along with corresponding summer solstice herbs) into charm bags or small jars and place those around your home instead. 

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