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Money Manifestation Box Oracle Card Meanings

August 11, 2021

Money Manifestation Box Oracle Card Meanings

I hope all of you are enjoying your Money Manifestation Box.  These beautiful cards came from the deck Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn.

"AbundanceBe ready to receive abundance into your life.  You are going into a chapter full of prosperity, money, love, and peace.  Take action in the direction of your dreams so that abundance flows to you.  Be grateful for what you have and more will flow to you.

Action-A shift in energy and big changes are happening or will be soon happening in your life.  Face your fears and continue moving forward.  Don't hold back.

Adventure-Something exciting is around the corner.  It is not time to be complacent.  Adventure awaits.  See your world in a different light.  This adventure can be in the physical realm or a spiritual journey.

Blessings-Immense blessings are flowing into your life from your spirit guides and the angels. Look for the signs and synchronicities.  These blessings will flow into every area of your life.

Change-It's all right to change your mind and change directions.  It is time to put others needs aside and listen to the beat of your own drum.  Take risks.  Be daring.  It is your time to shine.

CommunitySupport is all around you even though you are not consciously aware of it.  Allow yourself to be supported and to support.  Find your community and your soul family.

Courage- You are strong, you are powerful.  This isn't the time to be timid and don't be limited by the beliefs of others.  Be fearless and own your power.

Delight- Delight is expanding in your life.  Share your happiness with others.  Be spontaneous and have fun.

Diligence- There are times in your life to step forward and take risks, but there are other times to be patient.  Step carefully and slowly and know that the benefits you will gain in the future will be worth it.

Embracing-Cherish the flow of emotions whether good or bad, because of these emotions, there will be physical and spiritual expansion.

Enlightenment-Enlightenment happens when you break through the box you have been in despite your spiritual development.  You are going through a crown chakra and third eye expansion which will make you more connected to the Universe.

Flexibility-Be flexible in your life.  Be willing to bend and yield according to the situation.  Also a leap in spiritual growth is coming.  Allow yourself to receive the downloads.

Flow- Be flexible and go with the flow of life.  Let go of stress, tension, and anxiety.  Let yourself be filled with love, gratitude, and watch the blessings flow to you.

Focus-Remember, energy flows where your intention is.  Focus on what you are working on, what you are desiring, and you will be able to manifest the results you seek.

Forgiveness- It is time to forgive and let go of the past that hurts you.  Acknowledge the pain, sorrow, etc, let yourself feel those emotions, and then release.  You will feel lighter.  It's okay to let go and heal.  

Freedom- Break free from whatever holds you back.  Let yourself be free and allow yourself to dance, sway to the rhythm of freedom.  Abundance will come pouring in your life as a result.

Fulfillment- No matter what is happening in your life, focus on what makes you happy, loved, joyful.  It is time to let go or step back from whatever or whoever makes you drop in vibration, take steps back, and constantly is a struggle to be around.

Gateway- You are stepping into a higher vibration more aligned and connected to magick.  You will be able to manifest quicker, connect with the Universe, Spirit Guides, realms of energy, and more.

Forward- Abundance, new creative energy, new projects will be appearing in your life shortly.  Your life is getting a positive upgrade!

Happiness- Good fortune, happiness, blessings, and abundance is entering your life.  You are ready.  You have been waiting for this.

Healing Chaos-If your life seems chaotic right now or has been, there is no better time for healing.  So much energy and pain is at the surface ready to be released.  Surrender, let go of the pain.  It's time.  Your healing will inspire those around you.

Illumination-Your spiritual journey will be deepening.  You are protected, and you have a team of spirit guides supporting you and guiding you.

Inner Peace- Inner Peace isn't something you find.  It is within you.  Tap into that serenity, connect with your soul and nature.

Leadership-You have the natural ability to lead others, similar to the North Star.  It is time to take the role of leadership.  You will guide many, and as you guide others, you guide yourself deeper.  You are fully supported by the Universe for this role.

Love- No matter what is happening or has happened, love is flowing into your life.  You deserve love and you are enough.  You are love.  Your romantic life is healing and you are deepening your journey of self-love.

Miracles- The bad times of the past are passing.  Many good times will be flowing into your life.  Your future is full of abundance, love, good fortune, healing, etc.

New Beginnings-A new chapter is unfolding for you.  New opportunities are open up for you, and a fresh flow of energy is entering your life.  Good fortune is coming.

Openness- An increased amount of synchronicities and spiritual messages are flowing into your life.

Opportunity- Gifts from the Universe will begin flowing into your life effortlessly.  Abundance, love, health, good fortune are yours.  Do not doubt it.

Patience- Be patient.  Things are unfolding for you in ways you will not expect.  Many of your dreams will come to fruition, but now is the time to rest.  Listen to your intuition.  You will receive spiritual guidance and messages.

Pleasure- It is time to enjoy life to the fullest.  It is time to slow down so you have a work-life balance and enjoy your life more.  Once you step into that energy, more blessings will flow into your life.

Potential- You are ready to step further into your power.  Expect activations and spiritual downloads.  You are ready to level up!  Claim it!

Power- You are powerful!  You will still be doubtful of just how powerful you are, but many fears and doubts will be dissolving so you can fully step into your gifts.  You will be impressing yourself with your deepened intuition and abilities.

Protection- You are divinely protected both physically and spiritually.  Be cautious and don't trust everyone.  Trust your intuition to protect you further.

Purification- It is time to purify and cleanse your energy of stagnant energy, cords, sadness.  Do spiritual cleansing, clean your home and space, declutter your phone.  You will feel better the more you cleanse.  And you are allowing space for abundance to flow into your life.

Purity- You are going through deep healing of every aspect of your life.  Old patterns are clearing.  Challenges from the past are resolving.  Take a deep breath, allow yourself to release.  You are safe.

Relaxation- It is time to relax.  Relax your mind, body, and spirit. Trust you are exactly where you need to be right now.  Release worries and watch many blessings start to unfold in your life.

Release- You are ready to go into a new chapter, a new version of you.  First, you need to release, surrender what no longer serves you.  It is time to recognize and let go of old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, anything holding you back.

Security- You are protected.  You are safe.  Trust your guides and trust that the Universe is protecting you and guiding you to your best life.

Simplicity- It is time to reflect and analyze your life.  Simplify anything that is cluttered and hectic.  You will be able to relax more and in turn be more efficient, productive, and more at peace.

Solitude- It is time to connect to yourself fully and completely.  Spending time alone and in nature will help you

Standstill-There are blockages in your life right now, some seen and some not seen.  It is time to take a pause and analyze what is blocking you in certain areas of your life.  Delve in and find the root  cause so you can continue forward.

Stillness-It is time to take a step back, take a breath, and slow down.  You have been going nonstop.  Take some time to rest before jumping into a new chapter.

Success- You will be successful in your endeavors.  Good fortune is around you and it is a great time to make deals, sign contracts, and begin new projects.

Taking Risks- It is time to take risks, face your fears, break through your own box so you can meet your best and highest potential.  You are ready.

Thriving- Despite anything holding you back, you are a survivor.  With each difficulty you have experienced, you have become stronger and wiser and have overcome everything that life threw at you. You are moving past challenging times and are inspiring others.

Transformation-  This is your time to change, transform, and for rebirth.  Don't resist change.  If this change is uncomfortable, rest assured that better times are coming.

Trust- Trust your intuition and the messages you hear.  Your spirit guides are very present in your life right now.  They will help guide to a better life, align you with better opportunity, higher-vibrational people that will support and guide your path.

Truth- Many things are going to be completely clear in your life, what is meant for you, what is not. Trust this clarity.

Voyage- You are going to be going through a journey, physical and spirit.  Enjoy the journey and also know where you are going so you can efficiently manifest while you are enjoying the journey.

Wisdom- Everything that is difficult and challenging in your life right now are necessary for future growth.  In meditation you will be able to get clarity on what the purpose of the challenges are.  Rest assured.  More peaceful times are coming.

Wonders- Exciting energy is making its way into your life. Let go of expectations and be receptive to this new energy.