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Neptune Retrograde

June 25, 2022

Neptune Retrograde

From Tuesday June 28th to Friday December 9th, Neptune will be in retrograde. This year, Neptune will go retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Neptune retrograde will also begin on the same day as the new moon (which will be in Cancer).

Neptune rules over the 12th house in astrology. Its association with the element of water also makes it so that it rules over spirituality, creativity, and the subconscious. So when it goes into retrograde, expect these areas to become a focus. 

Neptune going into retrograde gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves with a heightened sense of awareness. Illusions will be lifted, our energetic and psychic sensitivities will be increased. This retrograde gives us the opportunity and the support that we need to examine our current paths, spiritual, creative, and emotional.

In our spiritual paths, Neptune will lead us to take a closer look and check in with ourselves. Are we happy with our current spiritual path? Are we happy with the group, organization, the teachers, fellow practitioners? Are we receiving the support and respect we need? Are our spiritual needs being met? 

If you’re a solitary practitioner this is also the opportunity to check in with your spirit team and/or patron deities. Are you satisfied with your current relationship with them? Is your communication clear, and if it isn’t, how can it be improved? Are there any spirits or deities or ancestors that are calling to you but that you’re hesitant to reach out to? 

For the professional spiritual practitioners, this is the time to check in with yourselves and ask if you’re receiving the support you need. Are you making time for yourself and your personal practice? Are there people you can go to if you need space held for YOU? 

And this goes for everyone when it comes to spirituality: What needs to change? What needs to be maintained? How can we continue to grow within our path? 

Within the creative path, this is the time to explore different mediums of expression. As the seasons change throughout this retrograde, explore different styles, collaborate with people, and for those of you who haven’t been able to engage with your art, take this time to reconnect. 

Art is sacred. Art is an expression of our heart and souls and deserves to be created and shared. 

And finally, within the emotional/relationship aspect of Neptune retrograde. Note that this retrograde begins when the new moon takes place in Cancer, so there will already be a strong focus on healing and on the home. As we move throughout the rest of this year, Neptune retrograde will help us understand on a deeper level where boundaries need to be established and what relationships need to be let go of. It can help us break free from unhealthy cycles and patterns, if are willing to do so. 

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