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October Energy

October 16, 2021

October Energy

Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s blog! We are halfway through this month and it’s only going to get more magickal! This post will cover the last of 2021’s mercury retrogrades, this month’s full moon, and Samhain/Halloween. In honor of Samhain/Halloween, we will also be including a short offering ritual that you can follow to honor the dead. 

End of Mercury Retrograde, October 18th and Post Retrograde until November 2nd

This Mercury Retrograde stood out for several reasons. For starters, it took place during a time when many other planets were also in retrograde, adding an extra layer of chaos as well as opportunities to grow spiritually. It’s also in the sign of Libra, an air sign that is ruled by Venus, which adds even more relationship energies and issues that need to be addressed into the mix. Add to that the fact that we are in a time when the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thinning, and you have the last mercury retrograde of 2021 being a lot more intense than the others. 

That being said, Mercury Retrogrades are a good opportunity to open up to different ways of thinking, especially when it comes to your communication, with other people, with yourself, AND with your spirit team. With the thinning veil, you may end up receiving different types of communication from your spirit team, and it can be overwhelming or hard to understand, especially if you work with multiple energies. If you are actively trying to establish relationships with your spirit team, whether they are spirit guides, elemental spirits, angels, ancestors, other spirits of death, or deities, take the time to establish a way of communication that works for both of you, and helps you be on the same wavelength. Maybe it’s through dreams, meditation, or tools like tarot/oracle cards and scrying mirrors. Maybe it’s through working with candle magick or with runes or music. Either way, experiment and allow the energies of mercury to support you. 

As with any retrograde, there is a post-shadow period. This post shadow mercury retrograde will last until November 2nd. Some people may feel more affected by it than others, so take notes on what you have learned so far and apply that knowledge to the post shadow period as well. 


Full Moon in Aries, Wednesday October 20th 

In the middle of all these intense energies and during one of the most magickal months of the year, this full moon provides us with a lot of potential, power and confidence. The fiery energy of Aries helps us to be able to better assert ourselves and create boundaries with people who want to influence us or do not support our intentions (magickal and non magickal). This full moon helps those of  us make breakthroughs through the blocks that surround our creativity and other things that bring joy and meaning to our life. 

These breakthroughs include things that we are passionate about, such as a business, art project, or other projects that we may have struggled with due to a lack of confidence and support. The full moon’s energy will help us be able to assert ourselves, be there for ourselves, and focus on our own paths and what we want to manifest. We are our own biggest source of strength and with the fiery energy around us, we will truly be able to embrace that. 

Because of the thinning veil and the full moon energy, we will also have a lot of insight and an enhanced connection with other realms and our spirit team. This will be helpful and supportive, but can also be potentially overwhelming so make sure to have grounding jewelry on you on that day. 

And because of the intensity of this full moon’s energy and the drive to be focused on yourself and your intentions, you may have less patience for anyone or anything that stands in your way. Be aware of that, remember it’s also retrograde, and be firm but not hurtful towards people that may not understand what’s going on. 

Samhain, October 31st

Samhain is one of the most important Sabbats or pagan holidays of the year. It’s also known as the Witches’ New Year, and the final harvest of the season. This is also the time when the veil between this world and the spirit world is at its thinnest, which is why the ancestors and the deities of death are honored during this time.

There are different ways to honor this time, including using divination, leaving offerings for ancestors and death deities, creating a bonfire, hosting a Samhain feast, or hosting a Dumb Supper. Regardless of how you honor this time, embrace the magick and the spiritual energies that are all around you (especially from our departed loved ones), enjoy a new beginning and a new season. 

Here’s a simple offering ritual that I personally use for my ancestors (you can always modify it):

You’ll need:

 One candle (white or black). 

A picture, memento, or a representation of a loved one on the other side

A glass of water 

A favorite food of theirs (this can be as simple as their favorite piece of chocolate or fruit)

A song that your associate with them 

Set this up in a space that will remain undisturbed. Light the candle and say something along the lines of:

On this sacred night

When the veil is thin

On this Samhain I honor your memory

I honor you with love and care

With food and drink.

I welcome you (name of person)

Into this space that is sacred.

Welcome loved one,

I welcome you with open arms and heart. 

Play the song, and close your eyes. Set your hands on the altar and focus on the person you are honoring, on your love for them, on favorite moments you have shared. Let the music guide you, and take note of images or specific words that are standing out. Take note of how the space feels with the presence of your loved one there. 

Once the song is done playing, you can say:

Thank you for this moment

Thank you for your presence

As long as this candle burns, 

You are welcome to stay.

If it is safe to do so, you can allow the candle to burn down. Otherwise you can snuff it out after thanking your departed one and relight it again over the next couple of days until it is gone. You can change out the offerings if that is the case by taking them outside. 

Blessed Samhain!