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Own Your Power Box - Item Descriptions

May 13, 2024

Own Your Power Box - Item Descriptions

I am excited for all of you to work with the Own Your Power Box! This is my most powerful box yet.  I know all of you will enjoy working with this box.


Box Includes


(Each box contains one of the following: Crystal Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Petrified Wood Heart)

Unlock Your Power Recording

Unlock Your Power Ritual Body Oil

White Ritual Candle

Own Your Power Candle

Own Your Power Ritual Body Oil

Black Ritual Candle

Copper Alchemy Key

(Each box contains one of the following: Crystal Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Petrified Wood Heart)
If you received a Crystal Quartz,  you will be receiving Activations from Spirit, higher consciousness,  your higher self, your guides. 
If you received a Smoky Quartz Crystal, your Activations will be from within, from the sacral chakra, more of your personal Power will be unlocked.
If you received a Petrified Wood Heart, you will be receiving Activations and unlocking more of your power from your ancestors, your your bloodline, your Akashic recrds.

Unlock Your Power Activation Recording

Do not lose your card!  This link is a private link just for those who purchased a box.

How to set up for the Activation

Cleanse your space, set up the ambiance with incense and candles of choice.  (Do not use own your power candle for the first time you are watching it.)

Set up your white chime candle and dress it with Unlock Your Power Ritual Body Oil.  Add a ring of salt around the candle and light.

Now find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and play the recording.  Place copper key on your solar plexus (upper stomach area).  I will guide you through the rest.

What to expect after the Activation

Activations have a physical affect on the body.  You may feel tired, thirsty, hungry, get a headache, etc.  This is completely normal and will pass within a couple days as your body upgrades.  

If you have any questions following the activation, please email me at kelly@lunamlove.com.


Unlock Your Power Ritual Body Oil

 Use this oil during the activation recording.

You can also use this oil during meditation, ritual, and nightly to unlock more of your gifts and power.  Made with highly effective ingredients and infused with energy.

Own Your Power Candle

Light this candle to unlock more of your power and completely own it!  This candle works at different levels to help you achieve this state of being.

Light daily for 2-3 hours and take notes about what you feel, what thoughts run through your mind, as well as shifts you see.  Keep track of progress.

Scent: Rose & Musk 

Own Your Power Ritual Body Oil

Use daily or as often as intuitively guided to do so. 

Black Ritual Candle

 Dress ritual candle with Own Your Power ritual body oil as a spell.

Use in ritual below.

Copper Alchemy Key

I am so excited for these!  This is what took a bit longer to make.  As I was completing the box, I got the strong message that each box needed copper to help with the activation and the Own Your Power ritual.

These keys were handmade by Mr. Lunam Love and activated by Kelly in ritual.

 Copper is a conduit for energy.  When using this in meditation and simply holding it, it will assist in psychic channeling, channeling messages from guides, Spirit.  You will love this key.  It is so powerful.

You can also place this by you when you sleep.  Warning though!  Copper can trigger weird or bad dreams in certain individuals.

Other uses:

-For spells

-Place next to you during tarot readings

-Hold while journaling

Own Your Power Spell
Place Own Your Power candle in the center of your spell.  Place the black candle at the back of the glass candle.  Place the copper alchemy key in the front of the candle.
Add salt of choice around candle (not included).
Light any incense you feel drawn to do so.
Write a list of your strengths and character traits and abilities you want to enhance. 
Light candles and meditate with the spell as long as you feel guided to do so.  Light each day until complete.
*You can work with your Alchemy Key again as soon as the black ritual candle is complete.