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The Cash Box (March's Subscription Box)

March 10, 2023

The Cash Box (March's Subscription Box)

Thank you to everyone who purchased The Cash Box!  As always, I love creating these, and I know you will love them as much as I loved creating it!

And congratulations to the winners of the cash prizes!  Missed the video, see it on IG!

-Box Contents-

Affirmation Card

Blank Check (for ritual)

Money Drawing Candle

Payout Ritual Oil

Cha-Ching Fancy Vessel Candle

Money Magnet Ritual Spray

Green Aventurine Crystal Tumble

Money Spell Jar


Affirmation Card

Each card was chosen just for you!  Say daily.  You can also put it on your altar or somewhere you can see it daily.


Blank Check (for ritual)

Suggested Ritual Below


Money Drawing Candle

The energy of prosperity and abundance is flowing all around us. There is no reason we should live in scarcity. These candles help draw that energy to you and your life. They can be used for an increase in money flow, increase in savings, new opportunities that open doors to better finances, prosperity, success, abundance, wealth, new employment, and financial gain. They are made with potent prosperity herbs and oils and charged with energy and intentions. They are made with highly effective essential oils, herbs and money drawing energy. 


Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy


Scent: patchouli and basil


Payout Ritual Oil

You can use this oil for many uses!  You can add it to yourself, to candles, to spells, to ritual baths, etc.


You can add a couple drops to your hands, rub them together and envision getting paid out.


You can add some to your hands and hold your hands over your wallet and envision money flowing into your wallet.  You can also channel energy to your bank account, your business, etc.

Be creative!

Cha-Ching Fancy Vessel Candle

Scent: Apple & Patchouli

I hope all of you love this candle!  I saw the vessels, and I knew I had to add it to the cash box.  

This candle is not just money drawing but luxury frequency as well.  This candle is to be used for rituals, meditation, and/or on your altar if you have one!

See suggested ritual below using this candle.

Money Magnet Ritual Spray

Can be used on yourself or in your space.  Keep out of eyes!

"Money wants to flow to me."

"Money loves to be in my presence."

"Money, come to me."

Our money magnet spray has elements of money drawing as well as attraction. You are attracting money into your life. Money wants to be in your energy. Say the above affirmations and any other ones you are drawn to say before wearing.

The intention with the honey is that money sticks to you!

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy

Different ways you can use this product:

-Spray at the beginning of each day to bring money opportunities

-Spray the wealth corner of your home daily (farthest left-hand corner from door)

-Spray before selling

-Spray wallet and money to multiply

-Spray before casting magick!

 Scent: Honey & Sacred Flower

Green Aventurine Crystal Tumble

Green aventurine is a stone to draw in money, for good luck, for luck in games of chance.  Keep tumble on you, place on your altar, or where you feel you should intuitively keep it.


Money Spell Jar

Keep this spell jar on a wealth altar or in the wealth corner of your home.  It is the farthest left-hand corner from your front door.

If you are in a room, it is still the left-hand corner from the door. 

Before placing in its spot, hold it in your hands and envision money flowing to you.  You can hold it each day or hold it during money meditations.


Suggested Ritual

Materials from boxed needed:

Cha-Ching Candle

Blank check

Payout Oil 

Money Spell Jar

Set a sacred space for yourself.  Clean and energetically cleanse the room you will be casting in.

Before casting take a ritual shower or bath.

Make some tea or your favorite beverage and begin to think of the intentions for your spell.

Write an intention letter of what your money goals and what you wish to manifest.  Allow yourself to get into the energy.  Enjoy writing the letter!

Fill out your check with the money amount of your choosing.

Think of all the things you would use the money on!

Next set up your spell.

Place the folded letter and add the check beneath the candle.

Add a couple drops of the Payout oil and any other oils of your choosing from your Lunam Love collection.

Add a ring of salt around your spell.

Envision a sphere of protection around you or you can call in the corners.


Light and meditate with your candle and see your spell coming to fruition.

Turn the candle off and close the circle.


You can do this spell days in a row, each day until completed, each week, or whatever feels right to you!