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The Crystal Box -Subscription Box

May 14, 2022

The Crystal Box -Subscription Box

Thank you to everyone who purchased The Crystal Box!

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Oracle Card

Alchemist of Time Candle

777 Ritual Body Oil

Spiritual Alchemy Pillar Candle Spell Kit

Intuitively Chosen Crystals

Tumble Crystal Pouch


Oracle Card

This card was intuitively chosen just for you.  It is from The Rose Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell.

Alchemist of Time Candle

You are no longer a prisoner of time.  You are an alchemist of time.  Connecting to Einstein's theory of relativity, time passes depending on your frame of reference.  To become an alchemist of time, we must let go of Newton's theory of time which says time is absolute and is imperceptible and could only be understood mathematically.
This is why time can feel really fast when you are having fun and super slow when you are stuck in traffic and when doing planks! haha
Slow down or speed up as you wish.
Hold this candle in your hands and say this before lighting:
"In this moment, I am the alchemist of time.

my perception of time changes as I need it and as I set intention to it.  I am both the High Priestess and the Magician.  With each breath I go deeper into the realm where time can bend to my will and where time stands still.

Spiritual Alchemy Pillar Candle Spell Kit

This candle was made to work with these intense energies of eclipse season.  I set the intention in these candles to help shed away the old version of you.  The current energy wants to push us all into scarcity, fear, old patterns.  This candle will help you continue to push forward into the gold energy that I have been talking about. 

This energy is very triggering, but remember that you are a spiritual alchemist.  Remember how powerful you are and you have magick to support your path!  This candle was made with cleansing, purification herbs and powders, and has a piece of snake shed.

The crystal in this candle is a Super 7.  The Super 7 crystal is also known as a  Melody Stone or Sacred Stone.  It is a mix of 7 stones; amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, smoky quartz & quartz.

Super 7 raises your consciousness and connects to higher knowledge and high frequency energy.  It will help you connect to your authentic self and your soul purpose.  Who are you beyond the programming?  Who are you at a soul level?  This crystal will help you connect to knowledge of the Universe, understand lessons from past lives, and how to integrate them in this life.

This crystal helps unlock your true potential.  It will clear the fog, the doubts, scarcity, old programming so you can be soul-led, connected to the Universe and live a fulfilled life.

Spell instructions below. Keep crystal after spell has finished.


777 Ritual Body Oil

This is the first of our Magickal Numeric Collection, and all of you who got the box got first dibs!  And this oil goes deep! This oil is connected to the Faery Star, which is also called the Elven Star.  The heptagram is a seven-pointed star. The heptagram expands on the pentagram.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below, and Within

The number 3 connects to the heavens and higher realms and 4 connects to earth.  As above, so below.

Medieval alchemists used the seven-pointed star to stand for the seven alchemical metals and their corresponding planets.  It stands for 7 colors, 7 traditional chakras, Seven Sisters (Pleiades), and also the angel number 777.

This oil is connected to elemental energy.  It has faery and elven energy in it, and the imagery I saw while creating was flowering fields and meadows, sunlight, happiness, and joy.

This oil will help you feel happy, joyful, and connect to luck, and blessings.  It will help you connect to magic, deep wisdom, strength, harmony, tranquility, will power, intelligence, and will help lead you to spiritual transformation. 

For those that go deeper into magick, you can use this oil to go into other realms, the land of the fae and beyond.  You can connect to any energy of the Number 7 (examples above).  The heptagram is a portal to other realms.  If you wish to use this oil to its full potential, use it in meditation, light some candles, and dive in!

Intuitively Chosen Crystals

Each person's box has different crystals intuitively chosen just for you.  Find your meanings below.

Amazonite-Amazonite is a stone of truth, hope, and flow. This green blue gem helps to bring clarity and calm. It also dispels negative energy and can protect from EMFs.


Blue Apatite-Blue Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy, and negativity. This healing gem stimulates the intellect to expand our knowledge and gain an understanding of truth, gifts which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.


White Howlite-White Howlite is a stone of infinite patience. White Howlite can help bring new ideas into focus and aids in achieving ambitions and dreams. White Howlite has a soft peaceful energy that is calming, it can help settle an overactive mind.

Obsidian-Black obsidian is often associated with mystery and has a very strong ability to absorb. For this reason it is used often in feng shui, spiritual connection and protection. It is also known as a spiritual cleanser because of its ability to absorb psychic smog and help to see things more clearly.


Chevron Amethyst-Chevron amethyst combines the metaphysical powers between Quartz and the stress relieving properties of Amethyst, lessening ones resistance on your path to self-discovery. This stone is often said to be stronger and more powerful, especially with higher chakras, focusing on the third eye and crown chakras.


Citrine-Citrine has a beautiful and warm energy that helps bring abundance into your life. It brings clarity to your mind and helps inspire you in your pursuit of your goals, whether they are related to the arts or to business. For those involved in the arts, this crystal helps inspire and create, providing you with the confident fiery energy to start or to finish a project.  


Fluorite-Fluorite is very peaceful crystal and radiates positivity. It neutralizes stress and helps calm an overactive mind. It balances the energetic body and chakras as well. 

Green Aventurine- Green Aventurine is known as the "Stone of Opportunity," thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance.


Hematoid Quartz- is a powerful grounding crystal, drawing chaotic and stray energies down into the Root Chakra to balance polarized opposites of emotion and thought. It connects the Crown to the Root Chakra.


Lapis Lazuli-Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.


Lepidolite-Lepidolite is used for harmonizing the body, mind, and soul. This gentle flowing gemstone is all about bringing balance and stability.


Polychrome Jasper-Polychrome Jasper is a stone that embodies one’s true self and helps you channel your energies to the ones closest to you. It facilitates and activates one's inner balance, while helping you conform to your current environment. Through this, one can reduce their day to day stress and embody the true elements around them.

Quartz-Balance, clarity and energy, and credited with benefiting overall health and spiritual well-being.  It is an amplifying crystal.

Red Tiger Eye-Red Tiger Eye draws positive, nurturing energy from the Earth as it brings life force into the root chakra. It is vital to stabilize the root chakra because it is the base to stimulating all of the higher chakras.

Rhodonite-Rhodonite is known for unconditional love, it can facilitate inner growth, helps overall emotional balance, and can attract one's soul mate, or mend broken hearts.

Ruby in Fuschite-The energy of Ruby in Fuchsite is a combination of the energies of ruby AND fuchsite. This crystal can clear both the heart and root chakras and bring them into balance. 

Ruby Zoisite-Ruby Zoisite has strong energies offering happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth.

Sodalite-Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalization of feelings.

Tigers Eye-Tigers Eye is good for growing your confidence and strength and it is known as the stone of courage. It is a root and sacral chakra stone which means it helps you to get grounded, build a safe and strong foundation, and find your motivation once more. It's also good at warding off negative energy.

TV Stone- Also caleld Ulexite is a stone that will connect your mind with your emotions. With the help of this stone, you will be able to see, understand, and process your thoughts and emotions more clearly.


Tumble Crystal Pouch

Each person's box has different crystals intuitively chosen just for you.  Find your meanings below.

Angelite-Angelite promotes communication and self-express while dispelling fear, anger and anxiety. Angelite is closely related to the astrological sign of Aquarius. Because of its blue color, angelite is associated with the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Blue Sandstone-Blue sandstone is a calming stone that also enhances concentration. Since success and victory are associated with this crystal, meditating with it promotes courage and confidence.

Blue Tiger Eye- It helps provide insight and a deeper aware to situations, and also helps open up psychic gifts such as those in the clair family (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.)

Gold Rutilated Quartz-Golden rutilated quartz, in particular, is said to energize the higher mind and cleanse the aura of negative energy. In fact, it is even believed to enhance telepathic abilities like psychic communication.

Lemon Calcite- Lemon Calcite encourages playfulness, lightheartedness and confidence. Lemon calcite healing properties are powered by the Sun, and are super energizing and healing. It gets that “feel good” energy moving and balances out our solar plexus chakra.

Pistachio Calcite-Pistachio Calcite is a softening stone that opens up a clear communication channel to ourselves and others. This crystal vibrates cleansing rays to dampen even the harshest of words. Work with this calcite to harmonize with the truest version of yourself and open your mind up to new opportunities.

Red tourmaline in Quartz- is a stone of the perfected heart – one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. This Tourmaline’s combination of vibrant pink and ruby red color energy creates a vibrational pattern that resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It links not only to the heart of the Earth, but opens to love that goes beyond human relationships and reaches out to the Universe. [Simmons, 409]

Rose Calcite-Rose Calcite is the stone of the heart and the wishes that dwell within. Rose Calcite is a stone that works well with the heart chakra and can help channel communication between the heart and the mind. Rose Calcite is a lovely stone that opens doors for us to new opportunities in our personal journeys.

Serpentine-Serpentine provides a clearing of thought to better facilitate meditation. Serpentine is said to clear clouded areas of the chakras and stimulate the crown chakra, promoting spiritual understanding and psychic abilities.

Smoky Quartz-As mentioned above, smoky quartz is an incredible stone for grounding. In addition to the many healing properties of the quartz family, smoky quartz is known to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation and heal digestion issues.

Tektite-Tektite is a unique type of natural glass formed during ancient meteorite strikes on Earth. Tektites resonate at a very high frequency, enabling one to elevate their consciousness to new dimensional heights.


Spiritual Alchemy Spell

This pillar candle is spell ready.  No need to dress with other herbs and oils unless you are intuitively drawn to do so.

**Read instructions a few times before casting so you are familiar with the instructions.

Before your spell:

Before you begin your spell, you’ll need to set up.  First choose a plate that will fit your candle.  Line the plate with foil provided.  Besides being easy to clean up, it also has magickal purpose.  Aluminum foil is reflective and helps propel your intent to the universe. 

If you are going to cast a circle, fill your chalice or cup with water and have the salt nearby to sprinkle some in the glass.  Also get something sharp so you can carve into your candle, a crystal, nail, etc.

I like to drink a cup of tea before I cast.  It helps relax me and gets me mentally prepared to cast.  So whatever relaxes you and puts you in a good mindset, do that. 

Before you begin your spell, I want you to write in letter form everything you would like to see happen with your spell and really elaborate and be as specific as possible.  At the end of all my letters, I end it with “So mote it be” and draw any symbols you resonate with. 

Spell Instructions:

You’re now ready to start your spell!  Read these instructions a few times beforehand so you can visualize what you are going to do before you cast.

First, light your incense.  Breathe in the scent and continue to get yourself into that relaxed state.  Place the lined plate in front of you and make sure you have your letter and set it underneath the plate. Focus your thoughts only on your intentions for the spell, your desired outcome, and raising personal power and energy. 

Next take your chalice with water, sprinkle some salt provided, and imagine it as rays of white light and protection charging the water.  Cast your circle by sprinkling the water in a clockwise direction envisioning you are circled with protection.  Once your circle is cast, sit before your plate, and line a circle of salt around the plate in a clockwise direction around the candle. 

Next take your sharp object and carve your name or the name of the person you are casting for, and birthdates on the spell candles. On the spell candle, you can draw a pentacle or cross, sigil, or any other symbol you resonate with.

Now you are going to charge your candle with your energy.  Hold the candle in your two hands and charge the candles with your energy.  To do so, imagine your thoughts running through your body, out through your hands, and into the candle.  Focus on all your intentions for the spell. Meditate with the candle until you feel it is ready. 

Once the candle is charged, place the candle on the plate and light. 

Now is a good time to say a prayer or any words you want to say out loud if you feel drawn to do so. However speaking is not necessary.  Lastly, close your circle by sprinkling water in a counter-clockwise direction.

While the candle is burning, make note of any popping, how the flame moves, etc., and once the candle has finished burning, you can look at the candle wax for signs.  Sometimes you’ll see images and shapes.  It’s like reading tea leaves.  It’s an art in itself and can be helpful. 

Gather spell residuals and letter and place them in the brown paper bag.  Discard.

Suggested date of casting: This month, May 2022.  Wear any jewelry, body oils, or clothing you feel comfortable and powerful to cast in.  

Candle and fire safety PSA:  Do not leave your candle unattended as the herbs on top of the candle can catch on fire. Burn within sight, on a heat-resistant surface. Follow the instructions that are at the bottom of the candle for the best candle burning results.  


Click here to read more about how to read candles: https://lunamlove.com/blogs/blogs/how-to-interpret-your-candles