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The Gargoyle Box -Subscription Box Descriptions

September 18, 2023

The Gargoyle Box -Subscription Box Descriptions

Hello everyone!

I hope you love your Gargoyle Box.  As always, I loved creating it, and I cant wait to share the magick with all of you!

Box Contents


Name Card


Gargoyle Realm Candle

The Guardian Body Oil

Shield of Protection Loose Incense


Onyx Crystal

(Some boxes received snowflake obsidian)


Item Descriptions



Your gargoyle was chosen just for you.

Gargoyles are fierce protectors and loyal companions.

You can have one gargoyle or many.  You will love their energy.

Keep them fed, keep a connection with them, and they will keep protecting you.

People have reported hearing growls (phsycially and in their mind) from their gargoyle especially when they are in protection mode.  So do not be alarmed if you hear it.




For you and your gargoyle.

Gargoyles love cookies!  They will go to sleep if they are not fed.  This is not an offering.  This is a treat for your gargoyle.

If you are psychically sensitve, you will feel when they are energetically done with the cookie. (Usually around 15-30 minutes.)  You can give them an offering every couple weeks and reconnect with them.

Funny story!

When I first learned gargoyles love cookies, I instantly gave my gargoyle a sugar cookie.  My gargoyle was outside and so were my dogs.  I thought they were going to snatch up the cookie, and I couldn't believe how they reacted.  They would go up and sniff the cookie and quickly back up.  They did this for about 15 minutes or so.  After the gargoyle was energetically done, I felt it, and sure enough, then the dogs were allowed to eat it.  It was the cutest thing!

Gargoyle Awakening Ceremony

First clean your space and use the Shield of Protection incense.

Place your gargoyle in front of you and put the Gargoyle Realm candle in front of it as well as the name card and a cookie at the base of the gargoyle.

Apply The Guardian oil on you.

Dim the lights, turn on your candle, and take a few deep breaths.  Allow yourself to go into a meditative state. 

 This is a good grounding track you can play.


When you feel relaxed, hold the name card and say out loud,

"I welcome you, (name of gargoyle) into my home and my space. 

I welcome you.

I welcome you.

I welcome you.

I look forward to getting to you know.

I thank you in advance for your protection and your company.

I welcome you again, (name of gargoyle)."

If you feel guided to say anything else, follow your intuition.

How to Connect to and work with your gargole

Light the candle when you are drawn to do so and meditate with your gargoyle.  Each day you can talk to him and become familiar to their energy. 

Where to place your gargoyle

 Gargoyles are protectors so they can be placed many places, outside the home, by the front door, in your room, on an altar, your ritual space, and more.

Name Card

Each gargoyle was intuitively named.

Gargoyle Realm Candle

This candle connects to the realm of Gargoyles.  They are protective, fierce, loving, and loyal.  Light this candle to protect your home and your loved ones, to connect with your gargoyle, or to explore their realm.

The Guardian Body Oil

Use this oil to connect to your guardians and protectors.  It is not only for gargoyles, but you can set the intention prior to each wearing.


"I call upon my guardians and protectors to watch over me today."

"I call upon my guardians and protectors to protect this session (this spell, this ritual, etc.)"

You can use this on yourself, your children.

Apply some oil on your hands and sweep your pet's aura.

You can also apply a few drops on your hands and anoint your gargoyle.

Shield of Protection Loose Incense

We finally have a protectiong incense blend!  You can use this incense around your home, inside your home, your place of work, your business, before rituals, and more.

Charcoal Disks

Use for loose incense. 

How to use: Place charcoal disk in fire proof container such as a cauldron.  If you don't have a caudron, you can use a pot.

Light charcoal with lighter.  Once it starts sizzling and sparking, sprinkle incense powder on top of the charcoal disc.  It will burn to black, you can scoop it off with a spoon and add more incense powder until your protecting is complete.

*Use fire safety.  Do not touch hot charcoal.  Do not throw away until completely cooled and burned.  Keep out of reach of pets and children.

Onyx Crystal

(Some boxes received snowflake obsidian)

Onyx is a grounding and protective stone.  Keep by your gargoyle to charge, and you keep can keep it in your pocket when you need extra grounding.

Snowflake obsidian is a stone of balance and will bring light to a dark period, balance emotional energy, and stabilize. Keep by your gargoyle to charge, and you keep can keep it in your pocket when you need extra grounding.