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The Gratitude Box (November's Subscription Box)

November 13, 2022

The Gratitude Box (November's Subscription Box)


We hope everyone loves The Gratitude Subscription Box! We made the box with with so much love, magick, and Intention to benefit you in so many ways!

This box also is the first box that has a meditation with access just to those who purchased. 


Box Contents

Affirmation Card
Universe, Show me How Good it Gets! Candle
222 Ritual Body Oil
So Mote it Be Ritual Spray 
Green Fluorite Crystal Heart 
Mini Notebook for daily gratitude
Gold Pen
Raise Your Vibration Spell Candle
Universe is my Sugar Daddy incense cones
Gratitude Meditation 


Affirmation Card

This affirmation card was chosen intuitively just for you.  Keep this in a special place, say it daily as part of your other affirmations and gratitude journaling.

Universe, Show me How Good it Gets! Candle 

This candle is part of the Universe is my Sugar Daddy collection!

You have wished.

You have done the spells.

You have done the healing.

You have trusted.

Now is the time to surrender and allow the Universe to  show you how good your life can get!

Be open to receive the blessings that are coming.

Hold the candle in your hands prior to lighting.  Connect to the energy.  Allow your stress to fade away.

Light the candle and allow yourself to go into a receptive state.  Feel the energy from the Universe flow to you.

Scent: Fig

It is recommended to light this candle daily.  First burn, let it burn until top of candle wax pools for even future burns.

For blessings to start and to continue to flow to you, you have to allow your energy to be in a receptive state.  It is recommended to light this candle daily.  Meditate with it, connect with it.  Feel the stress fade and go into flow.


 Body Oil

222 is the next oil in our numeric oil collection, and it is perfect for The Gratitude Box!

222 is a number of balance.  It is a number that represents the connection to the ethereal as well as Earth simultaneously.

You are the center of that energy.  When connected to both energies, blessings flow to you.  You are balanced.  You are at peace. You are here in this moment.

You are the center of the two polarities of energy, and you are the gateway for manifestation to happen in the physical realm.

This oil also connects to the art of receiving.  You are heart is full of gratitude, and you are receiving because you are in alignment.

I was drawn to add a Tree of Life symbol on the label to add to the magick of the blend.  The Tree of Life represents the connection of the heavens and Earth,

The Tree of Life connects to peace.

It also connects to the energy of duality and also wisdom.

It connects to the cycle of rebirth and immortality.

Using this oil will help balance your energy and help you feel at peace.  You will be connected to the present moment.  You will feel less stressed.

This oil will enhances your personal magick, your manifestations, and bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Scent: Jasmine & Apricot


So Mote it Be Ritual Spray 

So mote it be is a ritualistic pagan saying you say at the end of a spell to end it with power.

Similar how to "amen" is used at the end of a prayer.

So Mote it Be spray is used to send your affirmation, manifestation, spell into the Universe.  It is to state it with conviction and send it off for manifestation.  You are releasing it into the Universe. 

I set the intention that you do not interfere with the spell.

Different uses for this spray:

-Spray after spell work or rituals

-Spray it after your mantras

-Spray it after your daily gratitude journaling.

-Spray it in your space after cleansing and healing to seal in energy.

-Spray it on yourself after a healing session to seal in energy.

Shake bottle before each use.


Green Fluorite Crystal Heart 

Green fluorite connects to the heart and will attune your spirit to higher frequency.  Since gratitude is at a high frequency, having this stone near you will assist you in staying in that energy.

It is also a stone of the mind.  It will calm mental chatter, stress, brain fog.

It will help you organize your life on many levels so you can leave more room for miracles.

It balances the mind and spirit so this is perfect to pair with the 222 oil!

Keep this crystal near you.  Develop a relationship with it.

Hold it during meditation.

Keep it by your bed.

Meditate with it throughout the day.


Mini Notebook for daily gratitude journaling

The frequency of gratitude is the gateway for miracles.  Focusing on what you are grateful for helps shift your perception of your world and more good things flow into your awareness.

Do you notice when you first learned about angel numbers, now you see them all the time?

Or when you get a new car, then you see your car all over?

Most likely they were always there, but now you are aware of it.  Same with gratitude.  You focus on the good things, more good things "appear."

Then you make room for magick.  You become a magnet for more good things.

Do this every day, and you will see your world start to improve and be filled with daily blessings.

Write in your journal each day.

Journal format:

-3 things that you are grateful for

-Daily affirmation


Gold Pen

I felt a gold pen would be the perfect color for writing in your journal!

Raise Your Vibration Spell Candle 

This spell candle was made to gently cleanse your aura, mind, and body, and any other situation of your choosing.  This candle is made with high vibrational energy that will raise your frequency and vibration, and is filled with Reiki healing energy.

You can light this candle as a spell or as a part of a larger spell.  With all the chaotic energy, I wanted to add a cleansing candle to help all of you clear and heal a lot of the energy that has been coming up.

Clearing your energy will help you be able to receive more blessings into your life.

Simple spell suggestion:

Add foil to a plate and make a ring of salt, carve your name into the candle, meditate with the candle and set your intentions, and light.

*Use fire safety when lighting this candle.  Do not leave unattended.

Universe is my Sugar Daddy incense cones 

These incense cones are based on our best-selling candle!

The Universe is your Sugar Daddy! When lighting this incense, think about what you want! Show your gratitude for your blessings and be ready to receive. 

This candle has the energy of being spoiled, taken care of, supported, and being VIP of the Universe. 

This blend is deep. Light this incense in meditation and ask the Universe the questions you have been wanting answers about or have always wondered about. You will hear, feel, or see visuals of the answers depending on your level of psychic development.

Scent: Amber & Jasmine


Gratitude Meditation 

Click here