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Venus Retrograde, How it Affects Love, Relationships, and the Heart

December 14, 2021

Venus Retrograde, How it Affects Love, Relationships, and the Heart

Venus, the planet that rules over love and money will be entering into retrograde on Sunday December 19. As we start to wrap up this year and prepare to enter 2022 we will get insights about our relationships with these two areas, providing us the opportunities to strengthen and improve them, and shed old patterns that no longer serve us. Venus will be in retrograde into the next year (end of January), so this will be an ongoing process.


This is Part 1 of our Venus retrograde series, which will focus on this retrograde’s influences over the matters of the heart. When it comes to matters of the heart, this retrograde will focus on heart healing and on relationships.


Heart Healing 

Heart healing includes healing from emotional wounds and trauma. Whether it’s from long ago or recent, if you have not been acknowledging these issues you may find them making an appearance during this time and demanding that they be addressed. Some of the heart healing that may need to take place will include learning how to feel worthy of love, safety, and healing, and learning to grow confident in who you are and what you want to do in your life. 


This energy may be the push that you need to seek healing services such as from a therapist, support group, spiritual community and more. It may also be the push that you need to make yourself a priority rather than putting others first. This is a great time to embrace self-care and self-love and pursue what brings you comfort and joy. This is the time to shed ways of thinking and acting that do not contribute to your growth, health, and happiness. 


How to Work with These Energies:


Heart Healing Working: 

The heart chakra is the energy center that relates to emotions and relationships. This energy center corresponds to two colors: green and pink. When energy centers are out of balance, they may feel heavy or clogged up. Instead of their vibrant color, they may appear dull or even dark. We bring this up because one of the ways to do heart healing work is by actively clearing and opening up the heart chakra.


Our Heart Healing products delve deep into your heart center and heal from the roots. This isn’t a quick fix, but it will provide the energetic support that you need throughout the healing process. When you anoint yourself with the heart healing ritual body oil, focus on your heart chakra. Let the smell and the energies of the oil connect you to this center and actively remove heavy and unwanted energies. Then when you have done as much clearing as you can, allow this energy center to be filled with vibrant green or pink energy, filling you with warmth. You can also use this same method while working with our heart healing ritual soap. 


If you’re not comfortable doing this by yourself, there are guided meditations online  that focus on chakra clearing and healing. The more you do it and the more connected you become with this energy working, the stronger your foundation for healing. 


Another way to do heart healing work is through our heart healing ritual glass candle. You can set up heart shaped crystals or jewelry around it or any pink or green crystals that you can carry or wear or place in your sacred space. A good way to work with this candle is to work with heart centered affirmations while the candle burns, or do some journaling based on heart centered prompts. 


Inner Temple Working 

This working with our Inner Temple products also addresses the relationship we have with our physical bodies. The health of our mind, body, and spirit is all connected and this ritual oil helps us to identify what we need to work on in order to take care of ourselves and also helps motivate us to take those important steps. 


You can use this oil on yourself when you’re doing any meditation or healing work to help you better identify the areas that need support. You can also use this oil to dress candles. 


A simple spell and divination spread would include using 3 candles (any color) and dressing them with the oil. Dress the first one for the mind, the second for the body, and the third for  the spirit. As you light each one, set the intention of receiving guidance for what you need to do in order to be healthy and happy in these areas. Then, whenever you are ready, draw a card for each candle. Meditate on each meaning and write it down. How can you apply this insight? What needs to change? Note that you don’t have to just use tarot cards. You can use oracle cards as well as other divination tools for this simple spread. 

Relationships with Others 

This retrograde will also affect how you relate to other people in your life and includes your personal and work relationships. Past issues that have not been completely resolved will pop up again, important conversations will be had, and relationships that are unhealthy will be focused on. This is the time to do the relationship repair work, to have honest communication and to walk away from toxic relationships and situations. 


Heartfelt Communication Working: 

As we enter into this retrograde season we may come to have a better understanding of where there needs to be improved communication. It may be at home, work, within social or spiritual circles. This working with our Heartfelt Communication ritual glass candle can be modified to include specific people. In general it works to clear and activate the throat chakra in a way that allows you to communicate from a place of love.


On a piece of paper, write down your name and draw a heart around it. Around this heart, write down the things you are afraid to say aloud, to yourself and to others. It doesn’t have to be complete sentences and it doesn’t have to be neat, this is for you and you alone. Once you are done, flip the paper over and write your name and draw a heart around it, followed by a second, larger heart around the first one. In the space between the hearts, write the words ‘heartfelt communication’ as many times as you can. Then create another larger heart around the second one and repeat the process over and over until the paper is full. 


Once this is done, you can place the paper under the candle. Light the candle meditate on your working, on how you felt when you worked on the first side of the paper, then the other side. Feel the candle open up your throat chakra and carrying out your intentions which come from a place of love. 

Before we end this post, we wanted to share a list of affirmations that can be used for heart centered workings:

I am the creator of my reality. I am rewriting the old narratives that don’t serve me or help me in creating the life I want.


I honor the flow of my emotions. 


My boundaries are important and deserve to be honored. 


My heart space radiates powerful green light


I release and let go of all resentment


I forgive myself for my mistakes and I grow from them


I am fully open to giving and receiving love


I love myself unconditionally


My heart is open


I choose love every single day


It is safe for me to love and be loved


I create loving and supportive relationships


I choose to see myself and others in a compassionate light


My heart is filled with joy and gratitude


I deeply, and completely, love and accept myself

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