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Venus Retrograde, How it Affects our Relationship with Money, Abundance, and Wealth

December 14, 2021

Venus Retrograde, How it Affects our Relationship with Money, Abundance, and Wealth

Venus, the planet that rules over love and money will be entering into retrograde on Sunday December 19. As we start to wrap up this year and prepare to enter 2022, we will get insights about our relationships with these two areas, providing us the opportunities to strengthen and improve them, and shed old patterns that no longer serve us. Venus will be in retrograde into the next year (end of January), so this will be an ongoing process.

This is Part 1 of our Venus retrograde series. In this post we will be focusing on how this retrograde will influence our relationship with money. This ties into our relationships with work and business, and looking at patterns that need to be released. This post will also talk about ways to work with these energies using Lunam Love products and will end with how our newest course offering ties into Venus retrograde. 

Relationships with Money, Abundance, and Wealth  

We all have different perceptions of what it means to have money, to have abundance, and to have wealth in our lives. Regardless of what it means to us, many of us often feel guilt about wanting more for ourselves than to just make ends meet. Venus in retrograde will help examine these ways of thinking, and for those of us who are open to it, will help shed old patterns and create new ones that will serve to help us manifest in a more powerful way. You may feel hints of this already the closer we get to the full moon which will happen the day before Venus officially goes into retrograde. 

How to Work with These Energies?


Affirmations are a powerful way to shift your mindset as well as your energetic vibrations. Whether you say them aloud or read them silently, write them down over and over or carve them into a candle, choosing the right affirmation for you will make a difference in your workings. These can be used on a daily basis, with meditation work or with ritual and spellwork. Below are some that we feel align the best with the energies of wealth: 

I Have Enough Money For All Of My Needs 

I Am Wealthy 

I Am Wealthy In All Aspects Of My Life 

I Live The Life Of My Dreams 

One exercise that you can do when you first start working with affirmations is to first write about how you feel when you first read them. Allow yourself to accept the feelings that rise in response, even if they are negative feelings. These are not feelings that will last forever and as you work more with these affirmations you will feel them shift into more positive feelings.

Once you are done with this exercise, you can then write about what these words mean to you in a positive way. What images do you associate with this affirmation?  What does the best version of this affirmation look like to you? Keep track of how your feelings and images associated with these affirmations change as you incorporate them into your practice. Being able to look at the progress that you make as you explore your relationship with money can be helpful and provide insights about what is working for you and what isn’t.


Wealth Working 

If part of your Venus retrograde work is to connect to and manifest the energies of wealth, then you may want to work with our Lunam Love Wealth products. These products were specifically created to break through limiting thoughts and feelings around wealth and help you shift into a wealth manifestation mindset. If you are already in the part of your journey where you are in the wealth mindset, our Wealth products will help you to continue to grow, bringing in more opportunities, bringing in the right connections with others, and bringing in more money. 

Whether you are working with the oil or candle, you can use any of the affirmations that were shared previously when you are working with those items. If you work with the ritual body oil and choose to put it on yourself, say the chosen affirmation aloud or in your head as you put on the oil. Feel and visualize that affirmation settling into your energy field, raising your vibration so that you can make it a reality. If you are working with the candle, you can write the affirmation out and put it underneath the candle. Say the affirmation as you light the candle and take a moment to focus on what it means to you and how you want it to manifest itself in your life. If you work with crystals you can hold one that corresponds to wealth (this can also include jewelry) while you do the candle working. 

I Have Arrived Working 

If the work you want to do during this Venus retrograde involves releasing old patterns of thought that inhibit your ability to manifest, then we recommend working with our I Have Arrived products. These products open up and light up your solar plexus chakra, which is one of the energy centers that is involved in money manifestation and feelings of confidence and power. These products channel Venus energies, as well as the energies of Mars and the Sun. 

These products also have protective energies. They repel and shed negative energies from others so that you can stay in your power and be your true powerful self. 

As you work with these products, you can use the affirmation ‘I Have Arrived’ as well as the color yellow in your workings (yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra). If you like to write petitions or letters of intentions for your workings, consider using yellow paper or yellow ink. You can also anoint your solar plexus with the ritual body oil, and focus on this energy center being cleared, opened, and filling with a vibrant yellow energy. You can also use the same visualization when working with the candle, and hold both hands over your solar plexus while looking into the candle flame. 

Work & Business 

As this year draws to a close we may find ourselves feeling inspired to head in new directions in terms of our work life. Some of us may decide to take up a new position or leave the current job that we are in. Some of us may feel the need to invest more time in our business ventures or explore a new idea or collaboration to make business grow. This is a powerful time for growth in these areas as there will be plenty of creative energy around this time, especially during the full moon period that will take place right before this retrograde begins, as well as the period when Jupiter enters into Pisces. 

Polaris Working 

If you are exploring different ways to grow your business or build connections with others in your industry or community, then we recommend working with our Polaris products. These products connect to the energies of the North Star, a symbol of guidance and protection while navigating the unknown. They are meant to help find your way when you are looking for clarity, guidance, and solutions. By working with these products, you can expect to receive clarity and inspiration through your dreams and when doing meditation and ritual work. 

One of the best times to use the Polaris ritual body oil is before bed. You can anoint yourself with the oil and focus on what it is that you want to receive guidance and clarity on before turning in for the night. We recommend keeping a dream journal or having your notes app on your phone ready for when you wake up so that you can record any downloads you received while sleeping. 

You can also use the oil or candle before doing any divination work or holding any brainstorming sessions related to business and collaboration workings. If you have a business card or some representation of your business and/or future collaborator, you can put it near or under the candle to help focus the working.  

Quantum Leap Working 

If you are actively trying to launch new projects, starting a new collaboration in business, or if you are ready to level up then we recommend our Quantum Leap Ritual Body Oil. This is a powerful oil that helps you reach that next level, and will help you step into the frequency of what you are working towards and want to manifest. 

As a body oil, you can wear this oil before you begin your work day or before any important meetings or phone calls as before any ritual workings. Like our other ritual body oils, this oil can also be used on candles, so if you have any candles that you are using for business growth purposes, you can add this oil to them. A little goes a long way with this oil, it's very powerful and works quickly and has received a lot of positive feedback from people that have used it. If you choose to use it on a candle we also recommend having a visual representation of what you want to manifest, which can include a vision board or a petition or letter of intention. 


You may have seen a number of Instagram posts about this newest course offering, which aligns perfectly with this retrograde and other energies that will be around us as we transition to 2022. For those of you who want that guidance and support as you explore your relationship to wealth and work on manifesting it for yourself, we strongly encourage you to read more about this program and see if it’s for you. 

Here are some things to know about this course:

-This is a 6 week journey of wealth activations, reprogramming, healing and magick that will help you step into wealth mindset and frequency

-This is open to everyone. You do NOT need to have any psychic ability or magickal ability as a prerequisite

-Lunam Love programs are about community, support, and connection. We go through this journey together, celebrate our wins, support each other through our growth process, and most of all, we TRANSFORM!

Changes you can expect to see:

-A more healed mindset with money

-Increase in income and opportunity

-Wealth downloads, money-making ideas

-Opening of doors

-Release of lack mentality that helps in all areas of your life, not just finances

-Stronger manifestations, deeper connection with self and magick

-More confidence

-Clarity of direction

-Epiphanies that lead to change

For more information including how to sign up, follow this link:


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