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Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards Meanings

June 29, 2021

Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards Meanings

Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards 
by Angela Hartfield
Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova
The interpretations on this page are excerpts from the oracle book.  If you have any questions of the meaning of your card, DM me at @lunam_love, and I will send you my intuitive interpretation of the card.

1. Resilience 
Right now the benefits of being present outweigh the desire to create something or pursue a new endeavor. Be peaceful and take your time. Know that you will receive guidance about when to start a new chapter in your life. This card is about knowing that you can bear life's obstacles by drawing upon your inner strength and self-belief. 

2. Diving to New Depths 
Something in your life needs attention, mediation, or a solution. Pay attention to your inner voice to get in touch with your personal truths and to know the wisdom and understand the heartbeat of the Universe. Try stepping back back and seeing things differently or from a different angle, and a new perspective will present itself. 

3. In the Light of the Moon
Sometimes you choose to ignore your problems or avoid them in the hopes that they will dissipate or disappear after a while. Explore the part of yourself you may have been too anxious to shine a light on. Asking for blessings and guidance from your spirit team and from lunar energies can improve your understanding and put you into a state of clarity and serenity. 

4. Life is Better Together
There is an opportunity to allow yourself to receive help from others. Open your heart and permit yourself to receive the extra support you are being offered at this time. You may need to be proactive and seek out some extra support for yourself. Accepting care from others will create blessings and inspiration, not only for you but for those who are assisting you. Whether or not your support system is close in proximity, you are being asked to surround yourself with people who truly know and understand you. 

5. Change Direction with Ease 
This card indicates transformation around a pivotal point in your life, when new options become possible and move into your awareness. Your transformation will be personal and may require you to step onto a new and unfamiliar path. This phase calls for perseverance and faith. 

6. Looking at the Underbelly
Reflect on how your habits are affecting you and how you use your time. If you want to feel more accomplished and fulfilled, make the necessary adjustments, evaluate your goals, and set some new ones. Your willingness to be thorough will pay off in the long run. 

7. Dancing in the Rainbow 
You are presently in a time of new creative dimensions, curiosity, trust, and playfulness. This card tells you that no matter where you go or what you do, your optimistic and glowing energy will follow you and bring you happiness and joy. Expand and be willing to express who you are and what you stand for. Shine love on those you care about. 

8. Keeping it in Check
Be sure to evaluate a situation and how it makes you feel. This is a time for observing and listening to your intuition and dreams in order to find out what is at the core of the matter. If you are feeling exposed, worried, or vulnerable, consider what is causing you to have these emotions so you can release them. 

9. Amble with Contentment
Trust your gut feelings or your sensitivity to give you information about your current situation. While you might be feeling tired and wanting to give up, this card is about having faith and hanging in there. Take a step back and trust that the spiritual guidance you need is right there, ready and willing to assist you. 

10. Every Step Counts 
Take small steps toward your goals. Fine-tune your approach and look at the details of what it is you want right now. You have complete control over how you are choosing to experience this situation. 

11. Persistent Drive 
You need to be focused on a solitary objective or intention at this time and route all your power, tools and assets towards this one purpose. Dedication to the undertaking at hand is essential. You will need to get rid of any distractions that will take your focus from what you want to achieve. 

12. Replacing What Was Lost 
You are blessed with greater strength and abundance, great enthusiasm and new energy. You need to show ambition and move from where you are now to where you know you can be to increase your effectiveness. Draw on your divine energy and put the past situation in perfect order. A well-rounded, realistic and balanced view, along with a well-considered plan that takes any future consequences of your action into account, is needed as you move. 

13. Gliding Through Currents
Be discerning and tune in to other possibilities available to you. Be willing to make changes to bring the best possible outcomes. You are being asked to notice variations in the energies that are coming at you and choose how you would like to utilize your own energy in response. 

14. Single-Mindedness
You have harnessed your strengths and talents in order to bring about a triumphant outcome to your endeavors. Stay focused. This is your time to shine and to come out on top. Sometimes we must detach from expectations, criticism and be prepared to defend our claim to a better future. 

15. Adrift in Shallow Water
You may desire a new direction in life and as a result have recently begin a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. This pursuit is mainly a solitary quest because the answers do not lie in the external world but within you. If you have been rushing around, consider this an opportunity: You can be more productive and less stressed simply by slowing down your pace. 

16. Inner Desires 
Awaken your heart to the reality that you can experience more love and blessings. You can create what you truly desire but you need to be brave enough to declare those desires and vulnerable enough to align your self-worth with what you truly want. When you stay open to unexpected possibilities and focus on your desires, you allow the Universe to match this vibration and pour blessings over you. 

17. Safe and Surrounded by Love 
Know that  you are safe through to the core of your very being. Be brave, bold and willing to be individual. Trust that you are surrounded by protection and love. 

18. Clearing the Excess
You may need an emotional release from whatever is blocking you or your energy. Commit to regularly cleaning, to clearing clutter at home and at work, and to cleansing, balancing and centering your emotional and spiritual self. It is time for you to be from your past. 

19. Polite Declaration 
Assert yourself, be bold and look after yourself. Be confident when expressing your needs and desires, otherwise you will note get your way. When you champion yourself, it is important that you communicate your positive and negative feelings in a respectful manner. It is essential to speak your needs but not leave the other person feeling diminished or fearful.

20. Shared Inspiration
You are presently in a time of invention, new dimensions, curiosity, trust and playfulness. This card also emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with those whom you cherish. Sometimes, being immersed in the energy of family members or a close group of friends can be vital to a creative endeavor. Whether they are like-minded individuals or playing the devil's advocate, trust that there is much to be gained from sharing your ideas with someone who has proven their belief and support of your vision. 

21. Enjoy the Journey
You can embrace the prospect of starting out on a new journey or project, even though you don't quite feel ready or prepared. Upcoming changes will enable a new direction to emerge. Be in the flow, open your eyes and heart and enjoy this process. 

22. Take Note 
Listen to your inner voice or intuition and follow the guidance you are receiving. Take a moment to really hear what is being said. Put aside any preconceptions  and allow yourself to imagine a new approach to this situation. 

23. Distinctive Potential 
This card foresees a time when you are very clear on where your individual beliefs and principles lie, and you have successfully created a life that is aligned to those standards. You have worked hard to create a new normal so be aware of when you resort to old patterns that no longer serve you. When that happens, return to a place of quiet strength and resolve. You are closer to your dreams than you realize. 

24. Love Where You Are 
If you have disengaged from your feelings, tune back into them, as they can guide you during this current challenge. You have faced challenging situations before so trust that you have the tools and strength to face this head on. Allow yourself to ground if you are feeling off balance. Be in this space and know you can move through this challenge. 

25. Break Through to New Dimensions 
You are entering an energetic phase in your life, filled with impactful power especially in regards to achieving your goals. Work towards developing a profound perception of yourself and those who are around you. Have faith for the long term and trust the Universe because it is that faith that will help push you through obstacles, limitations, or other barriers to achieving your goal. 

26. Where You Need to Be
Right now, you will benefit by staying optimistic, thinking positively and keeping as upbeat as possible. Don't be limited by your current circumstances or preconceived ideas. This is a providential time. You are sensing the action of fate and destiny working in your favor. You may even feel lucky, as unexpected blessings show up at the perfect time. 

27. Push to Surface 
You are being gently urged to get back on track. There is new energy being pushed in your direction which can indicate a new chapter or phase that is imminent. Consider whether you might need extra support, a little push, from a co-worker or a friend. 

28. Seeing Both Sides 
You are not seeing everything that is transpiring. As important as it is to be connected to your heart, this situation is asking for a balance between mind and heart. Try to look at your situation objectively and think with your logical mind. This may help you have a better picture of the situation and evaluate what you need to do next. 

29. Empower Yourself
You are encouraged to step into your power, now. You are about to have a breakthrough moment and feel very inspired and motivated about an idea or passion. You may feel very excited about the possibilities and the opportunities available to you. Brush off doubts, criticisms, or worry. It’s time to step up and steer your path to brighter horizons. 

30. Surrounded by Prosperity 
The school of fish pictured represents abundance, sanctuary, desire, control, steadiness, and even a possible windfall. You may find you want to take care of others by offering advice, guidance, and wisdom, as well as loaning your money or giving your time to a worthwhile cause, now. Your abundant flow is at its peak, and you find hidden treasures around every corner and in a wide variety of situations. 

31. Mutually Beneficial Venture 
Deepen your awareness of a relationship, which may be a romantic love, a friendship or a business association. This card indicates that the spirit of cooperation and mutual interest supports this connection. Make sure you are doing whatever is necessary to foster better communication and to strengthen what is already in place.

32. Total Submersion
Submersion is about going within, and you may benefit from disconnecting from the outside world so you can explore what you would like to create. Some things take time to come to fruition to allow time for newly planted seeds and ideas to become established. Rest, meditate, journal and nurture yourself. You will resurface with renewed energy and an enlightened perspective. 

33. Let Your Personality Shine 
If you are to achieve what needs to be done at this time, the ability to be yourself is essential. Your own bright light will show you the best way for you to go. Acknowledge your wisdom and your amazing gifts. Be willing to allow others to see the unique attributes you possess. Polish and share the positive and good qualities that you have in your life. 

34. The Gift of Neutrality 
Begin the process of harmonising all areas of your life by dedicating time to everything that is important to you. Doing this will create a sense of joy, freedom and overall rejuvenation. You are being shown the importance of action and inaction. Become aware of how you think about and respond to your environment. Remove judgement and preconceived notions about opportunities or individuals. This will help support your sense of wellbeing. 

35. Help Appears in Various Ways 
Whether you perceive you have help or not, you are loved. You have inner guidance, community, spiritual support and awareness. Be sensitive to others who need your help, knowing that support is there for you, also. Don’t worry, as you will have everything you need to move forward or possibly take a new direction.  You have an ocean of assistance waiting to help you out. They key is to ask for guidance. 

36. Blend into the Environment
Enjoy the chance to try something new and different. Any change at this time should be welcomed as bringing positive, cleansing and transforming new energy into your life. Modify your attitude about what is happening and decide to adapt to what is going on, whether it means clearing away blockages or things that aren’t conducive to your goals or a break from the spotlight to allow someone else to shine. 

37. Look Beyond the Surface 
Allow your senses to become aware of the perfection that surrounds you. Allure exists in all aspects of your life: in nature, in relationships, in your own being. Get in touch with your sensuality through sight, smell, taste and touch. Draw on your senses and experience contentment and deep satisfaction whether it is through a day of self-care or finding new ways to creatively express yourself. 

38. Shedding the Old 
Be willing to come out of your shell or break an old routine. You may want to consider something related to healing or healing work at this time. You may see an opportunity to generate a new source of income or be lucky enough to receive a financial gift or inheritance. On a higher level, this may indicate abundance in all areas of your life and a feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way. 

39. Back on Task
Look at restructuring your routine, your commitments or your home or work environment. Approach your life, activities and goals in a methodical manner, and you will find you will feel less overwhelmed and anxious. The belief of not having enough time is a limiting thought and should be reframed to include the idea that you have more than enough time. 

40. Rediscover Your Zeal
You are at a crossroads and are invited to look at the path you are on. Your confidence is at a peak point, and once you discover what you are passionate about, you are unstoppable. This is also a reminder to do the things that excite you. The enthusiasm you feel when you are delighted about a project is infectious. 

41. Convey Your Meaning 
Take an opportunity to objectively observe how you communicate. Allow yourself the opportunity to clarify what you are trying to get across to someone else. Realize that you may not be clearly explaining what you mean. 

42. Gentle Moderation 
When you regroup and approach a task unhurriedly, you will find you are calm, considerate and ready for anything. By taking time, you will be more aware of what really matters. You may find the situation will improve if you put off making a decision right now. This will provide you with the time needed to reflect on what is going on and the ability to consider different outcomes. If you are unsure about your next steps, seek advice from a trusted friend or an expert. 

43. Setting Up Parameters
 You need to be clear in your own mind about what your boundaries are. You get to determine what is and is not okay on an emotional level. Remember to not let circumstances or whims sway you from your core belief system and morals. This is also a reminder to reinstate boundaries you already have in place. 

44. Unexplained Wonder
This card asks you to act with purpose and take meaningful and measurable steps, now. Make sure you are clear about what you want and really commit to getting it. When you receive this card, you can intentionally use the hidden power of the Universe to bring to pass your desired outcomes. 

45. Leaping Through the Air
This is an affirmation card that lets you know you are on the right path. Remember to listen to your inner guidance. Your guidance sees you achieving success in everything you do. It is time for intention setting and creating new goals. Come up with innovative ways to solve challenges and rely on your experience and networks to arrive at solutions. Reflect on the positives that might come from acting now. This is a time for forward motion and results. 

46. Facing Your Fears
Clarity will come at the perfect time and not a minute before. You won’t be able to rush the outcome, so patience is required. You are encouraged to stand your ground and stick with your beliefs. 

47. Connect to Source
Be ready for the many opportunities coming to you. You are undergoing a deeper sacred journey, which is all about bringing greater meaning and purpose into your life and which will renew your inner energy. There are times we need to go within for answers, to find inner strength and resolve and to tap into deep emotions. 

48. Disengage from Outcomes
If you feel you have overreacted, take time to forgive yourself and allow yourself to learn from the situation. If someone else has hurt you, be willing to forgive him or her. Pay attention to how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you desire. Take care to align your thoughts and words to attract your heart’s desires. It is equally important for you to find a strong support system for yourself. Surround yourself with individuals who support you and allow you to grow and evolve as you learn about yourself. 

49. Be Insightful and Established 
Certain things can happen when you are ungrounded. You may find you make mistakes or miss important opportunities. It is imperative that you ground yourself. You can do this by making time for meditation, tuning into your physical needs, taking a deep breath or getting out into nature. 

50. Childlike Devotion
The truth is that you will receive more love when you are able to accept the love that is given to you. The love coming into your life may or may not be romantic love. Look for ways in which you can begin to connect with others. Allow your emotions to become evident. Be open to living more from your heart and experiencing your dreams. The balance of giving and receiving will support the love you have in your being.