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Witches for Justice Group Spell

May 29, 2020

Witches for Justice Group Spell

Saturday, 8 pm PST

As tears ran down my face last night about all the injustice and racism and the death of George Floyd, I called upon my guides to show me what to do, how I can help with Magick or healing, how I can help him and the many others before him that have been harmed.  I woke up seeing this spell. I am going to give two options you can do if you feel drawn to join, a simplified version and a more in-depth version.

Simple version:
Get into a sacred space, call forth any guides you wish to call upon and light a
white candle with a ring of salt sound it and say the words below. Or you can write it down on a piece of paper and place it under your candle.  Keep your intention and thoughts of justice for the current situation and past events.

More in depth version (advanced):
This version requires three candles, one for destruction of the corruption, one for justice (white or purple), and one for peace (either white, blue, light blue, or light purple). For the destruction candle, I will be using my Remove Obstacles candle dressed with extra powders.  Light them in a vertical line, with the destruction candle first.

For those familiar with channeling energy, channel specific energy into each. Feel the energy fully while channeling into the candle. Feel the candle take on the emotion and energy.

We call upon the spirits and deities of justice, spirit guides, ancestors of the oppressed to come forth to help our cause.
May the corruption and abuse of power disintegrate, dissolve, and be destroyed!
May the voices of the oppressed be heard loud and clear!
Let our Magick, thoughts, and intentions of justice be heard!
May justice be served!
Let us see positive change!
May these events become the past.
May the oppressed know peace.
We ask for justice and we ask for peace.
For this we ask with mind body and soul, by the power of three and three times three, so mote it be!

If you want to change any of the above, feel free to let your intuition guide you.
Let the candles burn down in their entirety.  
I will be casting this spell Saturday, May 29th, 8 pm PST.  There is power in numbers so if you are drawn to join, try to cast your spell around the same time.

Always light your candles in a safe place, use fire safety, and watch them.

DM me if you have any questions.