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Citrine Tumbled Stone, Set of 1

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Amount of Stones: Citrine Tumbled Stone, Set of 1

Country of Origin: Brazil 

Chakra Correspondence: Solar Plexus Chakra 

Spiritual Meaning: Citrine has a beautiful and warm energy that helps bring abundance into your life. It brings clarity to your mind and helps inspire you in your pursuit of your goals, whether they are related to the arts or to business. 

For those involved in the arts, this crystal helps inspire and create, providing you with the confident fiery energy to start or to finish a project.  

It is also commonly referred to as the Merchant’s stone, because it helps bring in money and success to a business. For those who need money quickly, work with citrine for money drawing purposes. Citrine also aids in acquiring and maintaining wealth. This is a great crystal for those who work with people regularly as part of their profession, as well as those who are seeking to improve interpersonal communication. 

As a protective crystal, citrine is said to never retain negative energies, making it an excellent crystal to work with to filter out negative or harmful energies from your energy. It guards against those who would break your heart and from jealousy. 


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