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Awakening Activation Candle, Glass

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This candle is to help to activate the third eye, crown, and the soul star chakra.  In doing so, it helps you connect to higher vibrational energies in order to receive spiritual downloads from Source. To use this candle, set up a place where you feel protected, safe, and will not be interrupted.  Turn on the candle and start to meditate.  Call in your guides and connect with the energy of the Universe.  Be open to receive the messages and downloads.  Before closing out the session, thank the Universe and the spirit guides you called in, and snuff out the candle.  Use this only when actively trying to connect or meditate with these energies.   Keep in a special place or an altar when not in use.

To customize the intention, hold the candle in your hands and focus your thoughts on the shift you want to see or add an intention letter or petition underneath the candle as it burns.

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy

Scent: Peppermint Essential Oil

16 oz


Coconut Wax

*As with all magickal products, results are not guaranteed.

 Candle and fire safety PSA:  Do not leave your candle unattended as the herbs on top of the candle can catch on fire. Burn within sight, on a heat-resistant surface. Follow the instructions that are at the bottom of the candle for the best candle burning results. .  

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