ENCHANTED Perfume Oil // Roll On

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Roll on this oil any time you want to enchant yourself with magick! You can use them to enchant yourself to have more charm, beauty, luck, give yourself that extra boost of confidence, help get you noticed, and can also bring money, love, among other things your way based on your personal intention. Set your intention before wearing. Filled with attraction herbs, and I programmed it with ehantment and glamour Magick. This is a similar recipe as my Enchantment ritual candles! 

Use at pulse points and anywhere else you are drawn to.

A rhyme you can chant while applying this perfume oil:

"Sweet as fruit and beautiful as a flower, I enchant myself to manifest what I desire."

Clairvoyantly, it adds a sparkling effect to one's aura.

The scent is sweet with underlying notes of earthiness and mysteey. The scent is predominantly peach and Fresia along with other notes of rose, Patchouli, amber, musk among others.

I add charged and programmed crystal quartz chips to each roller ball.

As well as being a witch, I am a Karuna Reiki Master and energy worker, and I place a lot of positive energy while making the product, when packaging and before shipping it to the customer.

1/3 ounce roll-on intention oil

Price is for one perfume oil

Sweet Almond oil base
*If you need a different carrier oil due to nut allergies, send me a DM, and I can set up a custom order for you.

**Any shipping overages will be refunded!

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