GODDESS Perfume Oil SAMPLE ~ Inner-Goddess ~ Empowerment ~ Confidence ~ Beauty ~Witchcraft ~Wicca

Sample size! One bottle.

Everyone who used the Goddess soap loved the scent, so I created a perfume oil with the same properties and scent.

This perfume oil is made to help boost confidence, embrace inner-beauty, and to release doubts.

The scent of this perfume oil is lilac and white lotus blossom. It is a light, feminine, and fresh scent. Lilac is a flower of spirituality, and lotus blossom represents purity and rebirth. I also added crushed lemon verbena to the blend along with three crystal quartz chips representing the mother, maiden, and crone.

Lemon verbena in magick is used in purification spells, beauty spells, and perfect for self-love and inner-confidence.

I am a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, and I charged the perfume oil with Reiki energy, Reiki symbols, and intentions to enhance the power of the
herbs and blend.

Oil base is sweet almond oil. If you have nut allergies, please inform me so I can change the oil base.


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