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VIP GATEWAY 7-Week Program


Healing | Activations | Manifestation | Magick

7-week Journey

Enter the gateway where you are a VIP.  In this gateway, the momentum around you is electrifying, exhilarating, exciting.  The energy and frequency of gold flows all around you, throughout you aura and every area of your life. 

In this gateway, things change.  Your life changes.  You change.  What you want is not out of reach.  What you say becomes, you quantum leap.

This gateway is luxurious.  It is for the elite.  You will be a protégé of the Universe.

You break out of feast or famine cycle, the high and lows of life.

Self-love deepens.  You start to know yourself at a soul level.  You start to live your life soul-led. 

Earth is your playground, not your prison.

What you want becomes.

You will make a vow to yourself in this program to believe in your power and let your soul lead.  You will know that you are not bound by trauma, by others, by Earthly situations.  You are not stuck.  You are free.

Being soul-led, your trauma identities dissolve.

Your aura expands and becomes endless

You become the VIP in your life.

You remember you are a VIP of the Universe.

The Universe is activated within you to be able to connect to the Universe around you.

You are the Universe.

You always were. 

You have always been.

You just are.

Everything you want is already yours is through the gateway, and you know it with 100% of your being.  Doubt dissolves.  There is a sense of peace that flows within your mind, body, and spirit.  You know everything you want just is.

It just is.

Remember those words.  They hold the key to magick.  They are the key to this altered state of consciousness. 

In a higher state of consciousness I heard those 3 words

It just is.

Read those words slowly.  Feel the frequency.

It just is.

After I heard those words, the world glitched.  I saw the presence of the veil that keeps us confined within the "rules" of this world.  I saw it with my eyes opened.  I said those three words, and the world changed.  My perception of it changed.  I saw the illusion.

I can never see the world the same way again.

After that day everything started to shift and change.  I have known for a while there is a matrix, but this was the gateway to that new life.

As above, so below.

For those who have taken I AM WEALTH Build Your Empire along with some of my protégé, I have taken them into the Underground, let their body dissolve into the Earth, releasing the confinements locked within their physical vessel, deep into the Earth, come back soul led.

But that was just the first part. There is another part of this energy work.

As above, the duality, the polar opposite.

We dive right in, in Week 1 into the VIP Gateway

This course is ideal for those: 

-ready to quantum jump into another timeline where they are VIP, respected, appreciated, loved.

-ready to level up in money, wealth, and opportunity

-ready to go deeper in their spiritual journey

-ready to learn new energy techniques

-that want to go deeper into manifestation

-that want to expand their mind and consciousness

-that want to shift different areas of their life

-business owners want to expanding their reach, grow their business to the next level

-individuals who want to step into recognition and fame

*This program is open to everyone, no class pre-requisites required. You do not need to have any psychic ability or magickal ability as a prerequisite.

Community | Support | Connection

Lunam Love programs are about community, support, and connection. We go through this journey together, celebrate our wins, support each other through our uplevel, and most of all, we TRANSFORM! 

Every program has been a unique experience, full of power, transformation,  programs.  There is so much, love, connection, and support.

My life mission is to empower those around through mindset, healing, and magick!

I love what I do.  I have dedicated my life to my path and my mission. You will see shifts in my programs and courses. I guarantee it!

 This is the most profound program I have released to do.

Are you ready to walk through the gateway?

What you changes you will see after taking this course:

-Your life will start to shifts as soon as Week 1.  I am hearing even after you make the decision to start and join, your energy will already start aligning to the frequency of the Gateway.

-What you say becomes almost instantly.  Stronger, quicker manifestations

-Your life will be filled with more magick

-Energetic Upgrades

-Momentum, recognition, appreciation, love, gratitude, excitement

-Mindset shifts, expansion

-Stronger Magick

*Early bird pricing ends July 30th

Prices go up to $1,111 on July 31st!

Deadline to sign up: Friday, August 12th, 2022
Program Starts: Thursday August 18th, 2022
Program Ends: Thursday, September 29th, 2022
Class Schedule
Week 1: Thursday, August 18th
Week 2: Thursday, August 25th
Week 3: Wednesday, August 31st
(Class is on a Wednesday this week because there is a scheduled Goddess Energy Cleansing Call.)
Week 4: Thursday, September 8th
Week 5: Thursday September 15th
Week 6: Thursday, September 22nd
Week 7: Thursday, September 29th

We will meet once a week via Zoom every Thursday evening from 6-8 pm PST.  The first call will be a bit longer because of introductions.

 If you miss a week, don't worry! There will be a replays sent via email. They are just as powerful as watching live. You can also rewatch them any time you feel guided to do so. 

After signup, you will be given access to a Private FB Group as well where you can connect to others in the group.  Our FB groups are so much fun.  If you don't have an account, I highly recommend making an account even if it is just to join the group.  You won't regret it!


7-Week Program

We are making a vision board for this course and casting with it on Week  7!

Introductions, we all get to know each other, connect, share our stories, our goals for joining VIP Gateway!

Break through feast or famine and high-low cycle

Enter the energy of stability

Energy Session: We are going down into the earth and up into the cosmos to enter into this VIP Gateway.

It begins!

Now that you are in the Gateway, let's start to shift and change your world, sculpt the world around you.

Your will is your legacy.

Pledge to yourself

Healing, releasing, rewriting our story,  connecting to our true identity

Energy Session: Quantum Jumping

It Just Is.

Manifestation Class & Limitless Upgrade

You are the center of your Universe. Everything you want is already yours. You will start to attract it with your radiance.  which orbits around you.

 Limitless Expansion

Energy Session: Your energy field will become limitless, melting into the cosmos, intertwined, interconnected with yours.  We will work on expanding your reach.  Momentum, growth, expansion.

Activation, Teaching & Practice

Cosmic Hand Activation

We will start the call with a Cosmic Hand Activation.  I will teach everyone how to channel this cosmic force energy, how to apply it in every area of your life, how it heals, how it clears, how it keeps you in the energy of stability, comfort, grace, peace.  It looks like Stardust.

Activation, Teaching & Practice 

 VIP Activation

Let's amplify your momentum expand your reach, get noticed, recognized, you have arrived. The energy of Euphoria flows around you creating a buzz, flow, happiness, abundance, good fortune in every area of your life you intend.

Activation & Energy Teaching

I psychically keep seeing a lot of you already posting all the good fortune flowing, aligned energy, soulmate clients, deeper connection.  I keep seeing some of you even meeting celebrities. lol

What you desire is already yours.  We will be going deeper within our energy field to heal, release, and rewrite.  Connect to our desires and our legacy

Cosmic Creation

Energy Session: Deep healing and sacral and root chakra upgrade.

VIP Group Spell & Energy Work

 We will be using the oils and candles in the package and casting on our vision boards.

Value: $218


VIP Ritual Body Oil (NEW)

Sugar Baby Ritual Body Oil

Millionaire Mindset Body Oil

Quantum Leap Ritual Body Oil

Money Magnet Ritual Body Oil

VIP Gateway Candle (NEW)

Universe is my Sugar Daddy Candle

Stardust Lip Gloss by Monarch Dream Co.

Social Butterfly Liquid Eye Shadow by Monarch Dream Co.


Investment Options

Exclusive items included if Paid in Full (1 payment) $1,111:
1 Month access to the Full Moon Magick - Monthly Membership
We are doing a Money and Prosperity Spell!
If you join before August 4th, you will receive the materials for August's call
Thursday, August 11th, 6-8 pm PST
If you join the VIP Gateway after August 4th, you will receive access to September's call.
Saturday, September 10th, 6-8 pm PST
($150 value)


Partial payment Information 
All payment plans will be processed through Moonclerk and will be automatically deducted on specified time listed at checkout.
3 Payments of $370.33
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout.
Payments will be due every 3 weeks after time of checkout.
5, 7, and 9 payments have an included 10% processing fee.
5 Payments of $244
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout. Payments will be due every 2 weeks after time of checkout.
7 Payments of $175
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout.
Payments will be due every 2 weeks after time of checkout.
9 Payments of $136
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout.
Payments will be due every 2 weeks after time of checkout.


By purchasing partial payment option, you are obligated and are agreeing to pay all installments. 

Everyone's results will be different, and I will guide you and assist you throughout your journey.  If you have any questions, please email me at




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