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Appointment with Kelly Elvina

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Services offered:


Distance Reiki 

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My tarot readings go over general, finances, love, and any other spreads you want to pull.  We can also pull about your spiritual path, journey, and path in magick.  These are my personal favorite spreads to do.  They go deep!  I am a healer and put the intention before each session that the reading help guide you and advise you and will help you live your best life ad help you evolve into the person you want to become.  I ask that the cards show you the way how to get there.  The readings are time based, so we can pull cards for any topics of your choosing. 

 I have been reading close to 10 years and have read at psychic faires in the past.


Distance Reiki

I am a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master and teacher.  I have been practicing energy work around 15 years and have been practicing Reiki over 4 years.  During the session, I go over what the session entails, protect both of our spaces, put you into a guided meditation.  During the session I am channeling Reiki and work on anything I see needed.  I take notes, and we discuss the notes ad also what you saw or felt during the session.

30-minute sessions are 20 minutes of channeling of Reiki, 10 minutes discussion

45-minute sessions are 35 minutes of channeling of Reiki, 10 minutes of discussion

1-hour sessions are 50 minutes of channeling of Reiki, 10 minutes of discussion

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 Please provide your phone number at checkout.

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