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Appointment with Steve

**IMPORTANT: Please provide your phone number under "options" at checkout. See photo attached. We will call you at your scheduled appointment time. If you are unable to add a phone number, send your phone number to

Steve is high level energy worker.  Click here to read more about Steve.

All sessions are done remotely over the phone.

These are not time-based sessions.  Time of each individual appointment varies depending on what's needed.  Price for sessions are for 1 hour.  If session goes over, we will send an invoice for the overage amount.

Services offered:

Significant Other/ Family Member Clearing/Healing

Clears trapped energy from a loved one. Releases stress and fear. Heals past traumas and behaviors. 1-hour session

If the significant other won't be present on the phone, the one booking the appointment will be called. Steve can connect to the significant other through you.  

Energy Clearing

Removes stress and anxiety, balances chakras, removes attachments (if any), removes curses (if any), servers negative cords, removes blocks 1-hour session

Entity Removal/House Clearing
Will remove the troublesome beings and instruct you how to prevent future occurrences.  The rate will fluctuate based on the size of the residence and intensity of the occupation.  If an extra cost is needed, you will be advised at the beginning of the session when discussing the occurrences, etc.
Exorcism cases -special, case by case.  Email

Spiritual Guidance/Magickal Guidance 

Will help you advance on your spiritual path, can help you develop stronger abilities or discover aspects of your spiritual nature. Can help you through trying times of self discovery/enlightenment. Can hold discussions about anything paranormal, spiritual evolvement or mysteries of the Universe.

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