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As Above, So Below Subscription Box

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Pre-order! All boxes ship out on Wednesday, August 5th. 

Deadline to order is Friday, July 31st.

*When ordering a box, do not add any other items to your cart. Purchase this listing separately, please.


As above, so below. As within, so without.

This box is filled with magick and esoteric products of the occult to deepen your connection to Magick of the earth and the celestial realm. As above, so below. There is unity in duality, and there is power in connecting to both realms simultaneously. When you make a change to one realm, you make a change to another. Despite being polar opposites, there is unity. The same is true for working on development of self. As within, so without. You make an internal change within, your outer world changes as a result. 

In this box, there will be tools to strengthen your intuition and a ritual designed to evolve and expand the Magick within. Each one of us are Magick. Whether you are a novice or if you are highly experienced with Magick, you will find use for the tools and products within. This box will be my most magickal yet, pushing beyond my limits of what I have created thus far. 

This box is filled with only Lunam Love products.

See photos of previous boxes for different items I have included.

We will be releasing these every other month. That is 6 boxes a year, and each box will have a different theme. You can now either purchase this box only or a three-month nonrefundable subscription for $5 off each box! 

*If you order a subscription, you are prepaid for three boxes. You will receive this box as well as two upcoming boxes when they ship in the future. I will save your shipping information. No need to do anything else on your end. 

Each box will have a NEW candle release as well as some other products that are not yet offered in the shop. Box subscribers will be the first to receive the new items!

Boxes will be available to pre-order from May 5th through May 31st. All boxes will ship out by Friday, June 5th!

FREE SHIPPING within the US!

What to expect in box:
Exact contents are not revealed. It is surprise until you receive and open the box! You will be receiving a NEW candle release, however, that is not yet available in my shop.

Each box will be different. Other items that MAY be included in the box:

-Ritual Kits
-Ritual Candles
-Ritual Oils
-Salt Scrubs
-Body Butters
-Bath Bombs
-Perfume or ritual oils
And more!

$65-$70 value

Everything in the boxes are Vegan and Cruelty Free