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The Fifth Element Reiki Spell Jar

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This jar was created for anyone that wants to enhance or get in touch with their psychic and intuitive abilities. There are four known elements - air, water, earth, and fire. The fifth element is the soul or the spirit. As we connect to our crown and third eye chakras we align with source energy and create a deeper relationship with our higher self. 

This jar comes with detailed instructions on how to use and customize your intentions to its fullest potential. Five cleaned and charged crystals, copper netting, and a magickal herbal blend is included in each jar.  

Black Tourmaline - Very strong protective and grounding properties. Black Tourmaline helps prevent psychic attacks as well as blocking any negative energy from entering your auric field. When activating or working with the third eye and crown chakras, it's especially important to protect yourself and your space. 

Fulgurite - This crystal is also known as "petrified lightening". This is known to align all chakras and connect whomever works with it to divine source energy. It is extremely powerful! It is said to enhance ones transformational process and put one on their path to achieving their highest dreams and desires. This stone is also known to breakdown any self-imposed barriers aiding in removing fear and doubt. 

Amethyst - This stone is very healing but it also controls evil thoughts. It protects from guilty or fearful feelings. Amethyst definitely promotes serenity and calm, which enhances our connection to our higher chakras. 

Mini Selenite Tower -  This is a powerful crystal and energy tool to have in your home and sacred space as it has the ability to clear, shield and protect the energy of your space. It quickly unblocks negative, stuck or stagnant energy to promote an environment of free flowing, positive energy.

Copper Netting - We included this netting as it provides a powerful amplifier to this jar. Copper also has incredible healing properties. It has the ability to align, clear, and balance all the chakras. Copper is believed to provide harmonic connections between the physical and spiritual realms. This enhances the jars intentions of increasing psychic connections. 

Chiastolite - This stone is powerful against the evil eye and provides protection against lower vibrational energy and curses. It is perfect paired with other high vibrational stones as it aids in the journey to the spiritual realms and accessing akashic records. 

Lapis Lazuli - This stone is strongly connected to the spiritual realms. This is also linked to the third eye chakra. If you have a block in your third eye is can be hard to focus, concentrate, connect, and receive any psychic messages or downloads. Lapis Lazuli helps to unblock that energy center connecting you to the higher realms to receive those messages. 


The energy of this jar is ongoing. The properties included will continue to activate the energy. The jar will be used similar to a crystal, helping to channel energies during meditations and other activities where you are connecting to source, guides, ancestors, and angels. We recommend keeping this jar on your bedside table, which will also help to enhance your dreams. 





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