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GOOD VIBES Intention Oil // Roll On

New to the shop!

I formulated this oil years ago to lift dark energy and bring happiness into one's life. It will help raise your vibration and bring good vibes into your life. This herbal blend calms and balances the emotions and chakras, brings peace and relaxation to the mind as well as uplifts the spirit. I used to call it "My Happy Oil."

This is a blend of many herbs and the essential oils of clary sage and chamomile. Some of the herbs in this blend are calendula, Marjoram, cat's claw, and more.

As well as being a witch, I am a Karuna Reiki Master and energy worker, and I place a lot of positive energy while making the product, when packaging and before shipping it to the customer.

1/3 ounce roll-on intention oil

Price is for one perfume oil

Sweet Almond oil base
*If you need a different carrier oil due to nut allergies, send me a DM, and I can set up a custom order for you.

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