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GOOD VIBES Ritual Candles // Set of 3 // Spell Candles // Ritual Candle // Anti Depression // positive energy // Witchcraft // Magick

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This was one of the very first recipes I created on my craft and have enhanced and strengthened it along the way. These were originally called "Happiness candles" because that is the energy of these. Made to lift you or a situation from a dark mindset and fill the situation with good energy and good vibes. A clear mindset is the first step to manifestation so use these prior to other energy work if you need to bring uplifting energy into your life.

The herbal blend calms and balances the emotions and chakras, brings peace, and relaxation to the mind as well as uplifts the spirit. Also can be used to raise the vibration of the room you are burning them in.

They can be burned all together or one at a time.

I am a Holy Fire 2 Karuna Reiki Master and energy worker, and I channel a lot of positive energy while making my candles, when packaging, and before shipping them to the customer.

*I will refund any shipping overages

Set of three 6" parafin candles

Use caution when burning there and never leave unattended.

For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed.