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Good Vibes Ritual Oil

I formulated this oil years ago to lift dark energy and bring happiness into your life. This is my second reworking on the recipe for maximum strength. It will help raise your vibration and bring good vibes into your life. This herbal blend calms and balances the emotions and chakras, brings peace and relaxation to the mind as well as uplifts the spirit. Also can be used to raise the vibration of the room you are burning it in.

A blend of many herbs and the essential oils of clary sage, chamomile, and and an essence oil blend.

It is specifically formulated with highly effectivr herbs and essential oils and is made to aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs are. I make all my oils on the coordinating lunar phase for maximum effectiveness.

Anointing oils are often used to dress candles in spell work and rituals but can also be used to fix 7-day candles, to charge certain objects with a protective intent such as jewelry and altar supplies, it can also be worn on the body along with many other uses.

A cleansed Crystal Quartz piece is in each bottle to further charge the oil and to act as a shaker

This listing is for one 1/2 ounce bottle

If you have questions about which oil would be best for your specific needs or if you want something custom, message me, and I will recommend the right product or make something just for you.

Almond Oil Carrier
**Do not ingest

As with all spiritual products, results are not guaranteed. Sold as a curio.