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Healer's Talisman ~ Made to Order ~ Talisman ~ Amulet

The Healer's talisman was created from an Ancient text The Black Pullet. The history of manuscript dates back to the time of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. An officer in his arm was sent on an expedition to the pyramids. The expedition was attacked by a horde of Arabs of the desert. I'm a fierce battle, all were slain save the brave officer who was mortally wounded. He thought the end was near when suddenly a stone rolled back in the pyramid and a venerable man issued forth. This sage took the officer into the great pyramid. There were cast halls and endless galleries, subterranean chambers piled with treasures, apparitions of blazing lamps ministering spirits innumerable. The officer was made apprentice and taught in the powers and wonders of 22 talismanic figures.

Healers are present in all cultures. Throughout the ages, people have relied on their healer to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual disease. Today healers are present in our culture in both traditional and alternative ways. We no longer only turn to our Western doctors. We also seek healing through herbalists, acupuncturists, osteopathic physicians, psychics, tarot readers, palm readers, energy healers, and a myriad of other alternative practitioners.

It gives the wearer the knowledge of all minerals and vegetables with their virtues and properties, gives also the universal medicine and the faculty of healing all sick persona. The healer talisman helps us to connect with the healing wisdom of the ages.

I will cleanse and charge this talisman to get it ready for you to wear with a pagan ritual, and I will program the crystal quartz with your intentions. Please either list your intentions at checkout, in a message, or send me an e-mail at

Double-sided talisman

Crystal Quartz is a power stone known as the "universal crystal" and has many uses. It channels energy, enhances thoughts, dispels and clears negativity and purifies all planes, physical, mental, and spiritual. It also aids in meditation, psychic protection, and works with the third eye chakra aiding in astral travel, scrying, and dream work. Crystal Quartz strengthens all body systems and is also a crystal to program for a specific use and to charge other crystals.

Cast in Lead-free Pewter

Cord is 36" long. Length can be adjusted by tying.

*For legal purposes, sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.

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