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Healing Ancestral Trauma - Releasing the Ties That Bind You PRE-ORDER TICKET

Healing Ancestral Trauma - Releasing the Ties That Bind You

By Krystal Rains

Date: Friday, November 3rd

Time: 7-9 pm 

Location: 12512 Whittier Blvd., Whittier, CA 90602

We are told changing the world begins with each one of us. Well, maybe that feels very daunting, or like a drop in an ocean, and how exactly do we go about doing that anyway?

Healer, Herbalist, Agroecologist, Witch .... Krystal Rains, has some insights on using a variety of modalities available to each of us to heal not only ourselves, but the Ancestral or intergenerational trauma affecting our lives today. Learn ways to move forward and release the family wounds that are creating roadblocks on your path. Krystal will share her self-guided path focused on Healing Ancestral Trauma, composed of a kaleidoscope of tools and experiences. She will share how she has woven these practices and wisdom into solutions to heal not just society’s wounds but ourselves as a way to help our Ancestors and communities.

Krystal Rains is an artist, herbalist, agroecologist, healer, Ced Trad Craft witchcraft and shamanic practitioner. As a member of the greater Los Angeles Pagan Community, she can often be found at The Green Man events and classes with Griffin in North Hollywood. She is a planning committee member for Pagan Community Retreat, a local community building campout in Riverside County. Her primary focus is on Healing Ancestral Legacy Trauma using Q’ero Shamanism, Reiki, and other modalities she has learned on her path for herself and others. She shares her experiences and lessons to help others create their own Ancestral healing journey. 

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