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Healing Pyramid of Light Ritual Spell Kit

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This candle is spell ready. 

In a healing session, there is a pyramid of light I like to envision around the client for healing. It connects to high vibrational healing energy and clears the aura and energetic body.

 It is topped with my healing herbal blend, carved with a healing symbol I use in my practice, and I activate the whole candle with Magick and specific energy. 

To use this candle for healing of self or someone else, place a picture under the candle, line the candle with salt or however else you set up for rituals.

I will send more instructions onnthe visualization to use with the candle along with other instructions.

 This kit comes with a candle, instructions, and activated salt. 


For healing injuries, when the candle is lit, envision yourself in the pyramid of light and and envision energy going through your body and healing and soothing the pain.



For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed. 

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