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INNER GODDESS Candle Bundle ~ Lunam Love Cast Candle ~ Wicca ~ Pagan ~ Hoodoo ~ Santeria

This is my favorite spell I have written to date. I originally wrote the spell for myself and have seen amazing results that I recommend it to many of my female clients and friends. Everyone who has cast this spell continues to see results. This spell is made to embrace your inner goddess, and if you work with deities, you can ask to channel the energy of the goddess of your choice. These candles cleanse and purify and will help with confidence, inner-beauty, and to release doubts.

I am an eclectic witch and have adopted a few witchcraft traditions in my practice. Image candles are typically used in Hoodoo and Santeria, but they are powerful and efficient for all paths both for the novice spell caster and for the experienced. I place positive energy into each candle while making it and also before sending it to the customer. I am a Reiki Master and also place the Reiki symbols into the candles.

Spell Kit Upgrade:

Spellkit inculdes:
-Lunam Love Cast Candle
-Incense cones
-sea salt for salt ring
-aluminum foil to cover plate
-brown paper bag for spell remains
-spell instructions

White candles in candle magick represent cleansing, spiritual enlightenment, clairvoyance, healing, truth seeking, for use in rituals involving lunar energy

Lilac is a flower of spirituality.

Lotus blossom represents purity and rebirth.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me!

*Candles may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Please use fire safety when using these candles
For legal purposes, results not guaranteed, sold as a curio.