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Jupiter Planetary Talisman

The Priests, Rabbis, and Mystics of the Ancient World believes that the planet's had immense powers over the emotions, character, and physical attributes of Mankind as well as the spirit world. They knew of the seven planets: the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Ancients believed that the magickal symbols, which are engraved j to the talisman channeled the powers of these planets and commanded the spirits of each planet to obey the bearer of these symbols.

I will cleanse and charge this talisman to get it ready for you to wear with a pagan ritual. Please either list your intentions at checkout, in a message, or send me an e-mail at kelly@lunamlove.com

Double-sided Talisman

Jupiter was considered the 6th of the planets. It is the most benevolent of all the planets. It is the planet of expansion, abundance of all forms, wealth, luck, and beauty.

This talisman consists of the 6th and 7th Pentacles of Jupiter. They are said to protect one from all Earthly dangers, give great power against poverty, bring luck in gambling, business, and lawsuits, increase tranquility of mind, make a person honest with a deep moral sense, increase mental energy, give great ambition, ensure good fortune, give freedom from all money problems, imbue great mental energy, build strength of will, and character.

Cast in Lead-free Pewter

Cord is 36" long. Length can be adjusted by tying.

*For legal purposes, sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.

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