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Magnetic Luxury Reiki Spell Jar

This jar was created for anyone looking to attain, attract, and embody the energy of wealth! This energy is about drawing in and manifesting luxury. It has properties to also break thru any blocks preventing wealth. 

Named Magnetic Luxury because these jars have been magnetized to amplify the manifestation of abundance and prosperity. This isn't just money drawing, this is a wealthy lifestyle - to be in the mindset of wealth and know that you deserve to attain it. 

We set the intention that working with these jars will help you not only visualize what it would look and feel like to be wealthy, but to bring those manifestations into reality. These jars have our most powerful herbal blend yet to enhance and magnetize each individual placed in the jar.

Each jar comes with 5 charged crystals to enhance the magick of these intentions. Detailed instructions on how to use and customize are included with each purchase. 


Citrine - This beautiful crystal aids in manifesting abundance and prosperity. It also encourages a positive attitude and confidence which is crucial for attracting wealth. This stone works with the solar plexus and crown chakras. 

Aventurine - Best known as a crystal of prosperity and good luck - this crystal also reinforces decisiveness to make those money moves! It is great for encouraging perseverance and creativity. 

Pyrite - This stone aids in knowing your potential and stepping into your power. To manifest wealth we must believe it's possible! Pyrite helps remove negative thinking and/or fears while also helping you overcome anything in your way.

Crystal Quartz - This stone is known as the 'master healer' as it helps to remove any impurities within our bodies. Energy blocks can prevent us from drawing in wealth so this crystal was added with the intention in mind to help clear that. Crystal Quartz is also a powerful amplifier so this will aid in any magickal properties in the jar. 

Peacock Ore - This gorgeous stone helps us connect to Earth energy. This takes our manifestations from our imaginations into reality. Grounding you to be able to have your plans come to fruition. It is also connecting us with our Highest Self! It will bring you into alignment - therefore aiding in drawing in wealth energy. 


The energy of this jar will last up to a month, provided that the instructions are followed. Once the month is completed it is not advised to use the herbal blend in a bath due to some of the ingredients. We recommend creating a 'mojo' bag and placing the herbs into a pouch for extra wealth energy or sprinkling the mixture around your home in ritual to attract abundance. 

*Note: this herbal blend is not to be ingested. Please keep away from children and/or pets. 








For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. 


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