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Mercury Planetary Talisman

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgos and Geminis, but regardless of your sign, this talisman is amazing at bringing back Mercury's influence during the dreaded Mercury Retrogrades!

Mercury was considered to be the 3rd of the fabled planets of the ancients. This talisman consists of the 3rd and 4th Pentacles of Mercury. They are said to invoke all spirits subject to Mercury. They are said to enhance artistic and scientific abilities, increase your Psychic communication, convey personal magnetism, bring success in business, open all doors to secret knowledge, helps fulfill wishes, acquire understanding and knowledge, helps with memory, inspires writers, and removes writer's block.

These planetary symbols are found in an ancient grimoir by Master Magician King Solomon who believes the planets had immense power over mankind and the spirit world. They believed that these magical symbols could channel the planet's power and commanded the planet's spirits to obey.

Use with goodness and wisdom as they are very powerful.

The talisman will be cleansed and charged using a pagan technique. 

Pendant made out of high-grade pewter
36" cord

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