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New Year Box Set

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Our New Year box is here! Bring in the New Year with Lunam Love!

This is a limited edition box! Most of the items will only be available in this box.

This box includes:
New Year glass candle
Blessings ritual salt
Blessings ritual soap
Gold and silver chime candle
New Year affirmation card
2020 Manifestation journal
New Year Crystal set

New Year candle - This candle is filled with everything to welcome the new decade! This candle has elements to cleanse the old and welcome love, happiness, prosperity, protection, and manifestation of your goals and dreams. Smells like mulled cider. Topped with a pink aura quartz crystal, herbs, and a black eyed pea for prosperity

Blessings Ritual Salt- Sprinkle this salt around the home, on window sills, and to line doorways to protect and bless the home. Add a pinch in each corner of each room to create a magickal grid. This salt can also be used for a protection ring around spells, in rituals, and more.

Blessings Ritual soap- use daily to keep the blessings coming! Scented with rose and lavender. I originally made this recipe years ago for a new year, and it has become a staple in our shop ever since.

Gold and silver chime candle- this is part of a ritual described in the instructions included.

New Year Crystal set - This crystal set includes a pink opal for love and healing, blue quartz for peace and communication, onyx for protection and grounding, green aventurine for money and new ventures, tiger eye for energy, motivation, and protection in travel. They have all be cleansed, Reiki charged, and they come in a muslin drawstring bag.

Manifestation Journal - This journal has been activated in ritual and charged with Reiki I energy. All the goals, dreams, wishes, and what you wish to manifest, when written in this journal, will have extra power and Magick.

This set also comes with three resim incense sticks and a New Year affirmation card.

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