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New Year Premium Glass Candle

New to the shop!

This manifestation candle is to help you start the year right.  It is highly connected to Aquarian energy that we just shifted into in astrology. With this Aquarian energy, manifestations will happen much quicker, we will be way more connected to our self, our inner world, and to magick, which will shape our reality and future.  What we think becomes.  It has always been that way, but now it is so much more prevalent.

This candle has many elements connected to cerebral energy to strengthen the mind, spiritual gifts, and to bring light to anything that needs to be released that is blocking a manifestation. It is also has a lot of healing energy so you can become the best version of yourself and attract anything you want. 

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, this candle will help you shape and manifest a great year and bring blessings into your life.. 

Handwrite a list of your manifestations for the year and place it underneath the candle.  Think about your manifestations each time you light it.  It is not necessary to meditate with it the whole time it is lit, but speaking or thinking about those manifestations and goals each time will make them happen quicker.

These candles were made with Magick and Intention and blessed, charged and activated with Reiki energy.

Topped with an herbal blend, quartz, amethyst, and larimar crystals, and glitter.

This candle is perfect to light after our Release candle. 

Scent: Cider with mulled fruit notes

18 oz

Coconut wax 


Use fire safety when burning this candle. Do not burn out of sight. 

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