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Pentacle of Solomon Protection Talisman

I will cleanse and charge this talisman to get it ready for you to wear with a pagan ritual, and I will program the rose quartz with your intentions. Please either list your intentions at checkout or send me an e-mail at kellyrayos88@gmail.com

This Seal of Solomon talisman is a very powerful and magical talisman. It is the best talisman to have when calling forth good spirits and is also very effective for all good. The most evil spirit cannot injure anyone wearing it. The "Pentacle of Solomon" should be worn with its corresponding seal, "The Most Sacred Seal of Rabbi Solomon The King", which is found on the reverse side of this amulet. The Ancients placed the utmost faith in this seal.

Crystal Quartz is a power stone known as the "universal crystal" and has many uses. It channels energy, enhances thoughts, dispels and clears negativity and purifies all planes, physical, mental, and spiritual. It also aids in meditation, psychic protection, and works with the third eye chakra aiding in astral travel, scrying, and dream work. Crystal Quartz strengthens all body systems and is also a crystal to program for a specific use and to charge other crystals.

The talisman will be cleansed and charged using a pagan technique, and the crystal quartz point will be cleansed and programmed with your desired intentions for the piece. Included in your package will be further instructions on how to cleanse and charge your crystal.

Pendant made out of high-grade pewter
36" cord
Crystal hangs in front of talisman

Crystal will vary from picture

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