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PHOENIX RISING TALISMAN // Amulet Necklace // Witchcraft // Magick // Pagan // Wicca

I will cleanse and charge this talisman to get it ready for you to wear with a pagan ritual, and I will program the crystal quartz with your intentions. Please either list your intentions at checkout or send me an e-mail at kelly@lunamlove.com

The Phoenix is a Magical bird-like creature born from the myths of Ancient Sun Worshipping peoples. Since The Phoenix is reborn from its own ashes, it has become a Symbol of Resurrection and Immortality. Also known as the "Fire Bird." The Phoenix is an important Solar Symbol.

The Ancients likened the Phoenix to the Sun, which blazes brightly throughout the day, escapes to darkness throughout the night, and is reborn in full glory on the morrow.

The Phoenix is also an important Lunar Symbol because its death lasts three days- like the dark side of the moon. It is then reborn as the waxing moon.

The Phoenix speaks to the yin/yang, light/dark, and feminine/masculine aspects in all of us. Some say that the tears of the Phoenix have the Miraculous Powers for Healing.

In Chinese culture, the Phoenix embodies the totality of the Cosmos; Egyptian culture associates the Phoenix with the sun God, Ra, as a symbol of immortality and resurrection. Christian culture also views the Phoenix as a symbol of resurrection analogous to the resurrection of Christ. In Japanese culture the Phoenix signifies justice, obedience, and fidelity.

In our ever changing world of uncertainty and fear, The Phoenix still burns brightly as a symbol of resurrection from the ashes, and of the indomitability and strength of the human spirit!

Crystal Quartz is a power stone known as the "universal crystal" and has many uses. It channels energy, enhances thoughts, dispels and clears negativity and purifies all planes, physical, mental, and spiritual. It also aids in meditation, psychic protection, and works with the third eye chakra aiding in astral travel, scrying, and dream work. Crystal Quartz strengthens all body systems and is also a crystal to program for a specific use and to charge other crystals.

The talisman will be cleansed and charged using a pagan technique, and the crystal quartz point will be cleansed and programmed with your desired intentions for the piece.

Pendant made out of high-grade pewter
36" cord
Crystal hangs in front of talisman

Crystal will vary from picture

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