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Polaris Candle, Glass

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This candle is connected to the North Star, also known as Polaris, and the energy of the star is channeled into these candles.  It is a fixed star that is a source of light, hope, and stability for many. Throughout time, sailors have used this star to navigate the seas, making Polaris a symbol of guidance and protection while navigating the unknown.  Polaris is a star in the ursa minor constellation. 

This candle was created to help you find your way, even in the darkest and most confusing of situations. Work with this candle before sleep, meditation, spell work, or ritual work in order to receive guidance, clarity, and solutions. 


16 oz


Coconut Wax


*As with all magickal products, results are not guaranteed.


Candle and fire safety PSA:  Do not leave your candle unattended as the herbs on top of the candle can catch on fire. Burn within sight, on a heat-resistant surface. Follow the instructions that are at the bottom of the candle for the best candle burning results. 


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