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Pride Glass Candle, 16 oz

In honor of Pride month, we are excited to announce our Pride ritual glass candles!

These candles honor the history of Pride and can be used to remember and honor the departed within the LGBT+ community, including those who lost their lives to violence or suicide.

This candle can also be used by queer people for protection, especially during times of transition or conflict. It also brings in loving vibrations and energies of acceptance and peace when feeling alone, outcast, or afraid because of this candle's connection to the loving energies of the gods, spirits, and the elements. It can be especially healing and clearing for the root, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras.

Allies can also use this candle when doing work for loved ones that are part of the LGBT+ community.

Part of the sales from this candle will go towards the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBT+ youth.

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy


Scent: tropical fruit

16 oz


Coconut Wax


Candle and fire safety PSA:  Do not leave your candle unattended as the herbs on top of the candle can catch on fire. Burn within sight, on a heat-resistant surface. Follow the instructions that are at the bottom of the candle for the best candle burning results. 


Click here to read more about how to read candles:

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