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Protect and Bless, Winter Edition, Glass Candle

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Protect & Bless, Winter Edition is back! The scent is Pine and Bayberry. This candle is filled with energy and elements to keep evil and negativity from the home, self, place of business, work, etc. and to bring blessings of prosperity and good fortune. Topped with a holly leaves, garnet crystals, orange peel, cinnamon, and cedar.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Premium Coconut Wax
16 oz. glass candle

Blend of essential oils, essence oils, herbs, and crystals

Prior to lighting, you can hold the candle in your hands and envision your intentions flowing into the candle to further strengthen your Magick.

These are scented and give amazing scent throw. The scent smells like winter woods.

Filled with Magick, Reiki, and Intention. 

I am a Reiki Master and energy worker, and I channel a lot of positive energy while making the candle, when packaging, and before shipping it to the customer.

I added Reiki energy and symbols to each candle to strengthen the effectiveness of them as well.

This candle ships securely Priority Mail.

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