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Protection From Enemies Fixed Prayer Candle, 7 Day

7 Day

All prayer candles have been fixed and blessed and are spell ready.


This candle can be used for protection from harm regardless of whether or not you know who or what is the threat. This is a good protection candle to work with if you are dealing with conflict that can impact your home or financial situations. This is also a good candle to work with if you are dealing with people who are envious of you. This can be used as part of a ritual or by itself.

This candle has been fixed and blessed with the strongest combination of herbs, oils, and energy work for this intention.

You can recite the prayer on the back of the candle or use it how your intuition tells you. You can write your intention with marker on the glass, place letters of intention or petitions under these candles, photographs, place then on your altar, and more. 

Paraffin Wax

Use fire safety when burning. Can be turned off at night. Just meditate with it before relighting. 

Make sure you let the first burn create a pool of wax across the top for even burning. 

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