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Purification & Karma Clearing Ceremony | October 23rd

October 23rd, 2021

10 am-12 pm PST

Via Zoom

Spell work | Karma Clearing | Guided Meditation

We are so excited to offer this ceremony, and we feel it is exactly what is needed right now with current energy.  We have worked together for years and have complementary healing styles that create powerful results. 

The session will start with a guided meditation to help everyone get into a receptive state to clear karma and be receptive to spell work.  While the spell is burning, Emily will clear 7 karmas of everyone (listed below). Kelly will then clear residual energy of everyone and send protection and blessings. The ceremony will end with a grounding meditation.


Clearing karmas (imprint patterns in the aura) of: 

  1.    Ungrounded 

      2.   Transference of confusion

      3.   Transference of fear

      4.   Chaos and Obstruction invoker

      5.   Survivalistic lifestyle

      6.   Primary hunger to be saved

      7.   Primary fear and resistance of expansion (and change)



Get ready to transform. This candle ritual is a mix of clearing away unwanted patterns and remove obstacles to break mental blocks as well as physical ones so you can step into a high vibrational state. 


You will leave feeling refreshed, grounded, stable, and with a clear path forward.


Your doorway in: $100  


To read more about Emily on her site,  here is the link!